Monday, January 14, 2013

Wallet Update!

Okay, I know this is only interesting to about .5% of anyone reading this, but I found a wallet that will replace my old busted one.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Kipling Large Brownie Organizer Wallet:
Ohhhh, it's so pretty.  Let's compare it to my old, rather destroyed, Kohl's wallet!

From the outside, pretty similar.  But instead of some sort of textured PVC that picked up dirt (the edges of this are red thanks to the red cotton lining in an old bag, and won't come clean), the new wallet is red nylon.  Lightweight and super durable.  And can I be honest and admit my OCD tenancies?  The metal embellishment on the old one is crooked.  It drove me bonkers.

Here are the organizer pockets.  I was using the silver Kohl's wallet exactly how the labels said:  Cash, Receipts, and Coupons.  I like that system so much I'm going to use it here too.  The new one has the exact same pockets, with a zippered coin pocket in the same place.

And finally, look at all of the card pockets!  They are exactly the same configuration as my old wallet, and the inside of the pockets on the red Kipling wallet are lightly coated with some sort of rubberized finish so the cards don't fall out.

The ONLY differences I can see functionally between the two wallets are that the Kohl's wallet has a zippered pocket on the back, which I never used.  And the snap to hold the card section closed is on the side on the Kohl's wallet, but on the bottom on the Kipling wallet.  (Or I guess on the top and on the side, depending on how you look at it, but I think the pictures will make it clear!)

Otherwise, they're twins, but the red is an upgrade.  I have several Kipling pouches in my purse, and I like that they are well-made, colorful, and durable.  This should hold up for a long time.

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