Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy New Year! A Resolutions List.

I realize that we are now 8 days into the New Year, but blogging is one of my New Year's resolutions.  And I was already waylaid in that resolution by the flu.  UGH.

So anyway, Happy New Year!

If anyone is still reading this, I will be floored.

Every time I go back and look at what I've written in the past, I'm kind of proud of my little blog.  I miss blogging.  I got so bogged (blogged) down in the idea that my blog has to have a focus that I got stage fright and just quit.

So, resolution #1: Blog.  A minimum of twice a week.  I gots stuff to say folks, and this is the platform on which to say it.  Also, there's no point in being really anonymous anymore.  I'm not going to give out my address or social security number, but my name really is Heather and I really do live in Nashville.  And there will be pictures.

Work-smirk.  Yay.
 Resolution #2: Lose 60 more lbs.  I've lost 47 lbs since the beginning of July, thanks to eating right and working hard at the gym.  It's a struggle, I'm not going to lie.  Food addiction is a bitch.  But I KNOW that I can do this because I've already come so far.  So I plan to keep it up in 2013.

Resolution #3: Go to 80% plant based foods.  I'd like to go 100% but I know times are going to come when I want cheese or a BURGER dammit, and I don't want to feel like a failure.  Vegan is such a strong, negative word.  I don't want to use it.  But I do want to follow the principles of Forks Over Knives and Eat to Live.

Resolution #4:  Twitter?  I was looking through my Twitter feed last night and dammit I am funny.  I should tweet more.

Resolution #5: Dating.  Admittedly I started this in 2012, but I've been on Okcupid for several months now.  I have had several first dates.  Some panned out and some did not, so we'll see where it goes.  It is good for me to get out of my comfort zone and meet people.  Also, I am a fantastic first dater.  Seriously, if you go on a first date with me, you will want to go on another one.  I am fun!

In my head #2 and #3 go together (lifestyle choices), and #1 and #4 are a pair as well (internety stuff).  So it's kind of like I only have 3 resolutions instead of five.  That feels a lot more reasonable.

Any resolutions from my non-existent readers?  Tell me all about it!

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Dr. Dapper said...

do you even have 60 more pounds to lose?
After this, I can only think about cheeseburgers. Dammit, Heather!