Thursday, July 19, 2012

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That there post title is a pun, because ya'll, I got INJURED.  All this training and working out and eating right?  Well, it caused me to brilliantly pull a muscle in my abdomen.  Because Mr. Trainer was like, "Hey, jump up on this platform with both feet!" which I couldn't do with both feet at first.  He seems to think it is not because I am so fat, but because I am a girl and (according to him) girls are generally afraid to jump.  My theory is that we don't like to jump around because of the boobs.  Anyway, before I got the hang of it (which was fun because when you land on the platform with both feet it makes this really satisfying FOOMP sound) I was jumping with one foot at a time, which strained some muscle in my abs, and then when I tried to do yet another torturous method of ab-crushing sit ups I was like OW, okay that actually hurts.  So we stopped and stretched everything out, and worked stuff that didn't involve those muscles so they had a chance to heal.

Well, while they were healing I was doing the human thing and avoiding pain by using my back muscles instead of my front muscles.  Which caused my back to ever so slowly start to get twingier and twingier (yes, spell check, I do believe that IS a word) until finally on Sunday night it went into muscle spasms.  DAMMIT!  I took Advil stretched and walked and did everything I could to prevent it for days beforehand, but sometimes you seen the train coming at you and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Anyway, before my back staged its rebellion of 2012, I went to Alabama to hang out with my moms and see my aunt and my grandma and generally chill.  I tested out some herbal puppy relaxers on Stella which WORKED.  They worked to the point where she just went and lay (laid? lied? layened?) down on the floor next to strangers instead of trying to tear their arms off.  I was very impressed.  We took the dogs on a really nice nature walk on Sunday morning (PS, my back was FINE then, stupid back).  And I don't know why I didn't get any pictures of the partners in crime playing, but here's one of Jake being cuddly and adorable.

And here's a super blurry one of my mom petting Stella (I don't want Stella to feel left out that Jake got a picture up and she didn't, because she doesn't have any on this blog or anything). 

 I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but my mom is one of Stella's favorite people on the whole planet.  She gets SO EXCITED when she sees mom, she basically wants to crawl all over her and make out with her and Stella's idea of heaven is being in my mom's lap getting belly rubs.  (Okay, that sentence is a little confusing and I tried to fix it so it doesn't sound like my mom wants to crawl all over Stella and make out with her, it's the other way around.)

The other idea of heaven is catching whatever she thinks is living in the shower at my mom's house.  Man she's weird.

SO, back to the original point of this post.  I'm back at work today after a few hazy drugged days involving muscle relaxers and pain killers from the LAST time I threw my back out.  I can finally stand up without having to roll off the couch onto the floor first.  Did I do too much too soon at the gym?  I don't know, but now I am even more determined to build better core strength so that this quits happening.  Also, heating pads are amazing.  As is Flexitron or Loosonizon or whatever muscle relaxer I've been taking.  Wonderful stuff.  How much do you want to bet some of it is still in my system? 

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