Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Springboard to Infamy

Hey Y'all!

My sister's boyfriend had a sudden cancellation for his podcast, so I grabbed a rum and coke and talked about myself for an hour.  That's just the kind of awesome friend that I am- willing to over-share at any moment!  Chris did a great job asking all kinds of questions, which made the whole thing so much easier.  I don't sound like TOOOOOO much of an airhead, and occasionally I sound almost articulate.  That is a small miracle.  Writing is one thing- just talking (har har) while being recorded?  Completely different.  

Of course, I am human and therefore find it hard to listen to myself.  Ever since I was a kid I've thought that I sound like boy.  And now all of this moving around has produced a weird mid-western accent so I sound like a 10 year old boy from Minnesota.  But we talked about my job and homeschooling and pets and my stellar big sister abilities.  Good stuff.  Give it a listen if you have time to kill.

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OH, he's got a blog too!

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