Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You. Just. Don't. KNOW!


Please excuse my long absence from this blog.  I know, I know, I KNOW, it's been forever.  A couple of weeks ago my mom was like "Do you ever do anything on your blog anymore?"  And I was like "What?  My blog?  Oh YEAH.  Huh.  Guess not."

It's been so long that blogger has a completely different layout now.

A couple of weeks ago a friend told me that he heard that the news breaks on Twitter, but is discussed on Facebook.  Twitter overwhelms me.  (I've tried.  Really I have.  But all that info flying by is completely exhausting.  I keep my account for local emergencies- where was that tornado?  Who doesn't have power?  It was helpful in our flood.  But really I haven't been on there in MONTHS.)  I am on Facebook all the time, however, I get annoyed when people post really long stuff on there, requiring that I click on "more" to see the rest of the clipped message.  I rarely click more so I wouldn't make someone else do that when I'm going on and on about...  my dog.  Hence the reason to stick to the blog.

I do post a lot of pictures on Facebook.  I love how I made that sound like I am some sort of talented photographer.  I mostly post pictures of my dog being adorable.  Like this one, where she is daring me to run over there and kick that toy for her, when we both know that the second I move in her direction she's going to snatch that thing and RUN.  She does love a good chase.

Or there's this picture where she's EXHAUSTED after playing in the pool at daycare:

It cracks me up that she likes her head propped up when she's sleeping.  It's kind of a dog-centered universe around here.  (OH!  See the wall behind her???  I finally painted my living room!)

So why did I stop blogging (and therefore deprive the zero readers I still have of all of these deep thoughts?)?  I could say I've been busy (everybody says that) or didn't have anything to say (could be true) or the lack of focus on a topic bugged me (completely true).  But really my blog got me in trouble.  Actually, my blog has gotten me in trouble a few times, but the most recent time burned me on the blog thing.  I took down the offending post so a friend of mine wouldn't torture himself over it, but the damage was done.

But I have missed blogging, so now I'm back to the blog-o-sphere.  While I am figuring out what direction to take things in, I will leave you with a list of websites I look at daily (since I am way too behind on this layout to know how to fix my blogroll):

Bye Bye Pie

Young House Love


Capitol Hill Style


Apartment Therapy

Tom and Lorezo

And some favorite youtube channels:

Liza Eldridge


Beauty Broadcast

Home Organizing

Okay, I think this is a good start.  While I decide where all of this is going, I'll try to do a few posts on things I love right now:  books, makeup, de-cluttering, and Nashville.  Oh, and my Dog.  But you knew that, didn't you?

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J.D. said...

I'm a reader; you're a reader (and writer). That makes 2!