Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lonny Magazine

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is to read Lonny Magazine. I miss magazines like domino and Blueprint SO MUCH, and the fact that there is an online interior decorating replacement helps a lot. Because it is an online publication a lot of things are linked directly to where they came from, so you can immediately find out how far out of your budget some little piece of fabulousness is.

This is the current issue (October/November 2010). I keep seeing things in it that I adore, so I'm going to put them in here so I can find them again and come back for inspiration. I hope you find this as fascinating as I did!

Page 37- PURPLE. Adore.

Page 96- Check out the white on white art over the bed (you can zoom). I love this. This concept shows up again as white on blue here. This would be so easy to make and it is really bold without being overwhelming.

Page 142- An article about the JK Hotel starts here and there is so much I am drooling over. The ceilings in the Florence location are amazing. The aqua and black color scheme in the lounge is classy as hell. The bathroom in the penthouse suite is on the second floor- awesome. The hotel's Capri location has a room with dark blue walls and white trim and white furniture and lots of mirrors so it doesn't feel dark at all, but sort of graphic instead.

Page 195- Look at all those fragrances on the bathroom shelves. Clearly we are kindred spirits.

Page 200- I LOVE THIS HOUSE. The photograph over the couch is incredible. Those dramatic curtains on page 203. The walls are green velvet. The bathroom walls are black faux croc vinyl. And the basement media room on page 211? That started this post. WOW. The walls are lined with flannel plaid! I want to live on that couch.

Page 243- Check out that crazy door handle. And on page 247, um, this is a bathroom/ dressing room? REALLY? I'm so jealous. Keep clicking- her bathtub is on the next page. Swoon.

Page 256- If I had unlimited resources, I would have peonies all over my house. All the time.

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