Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Today I was perusing the Land's End Canvas brand webpage, and these caught my eye:

Cableknit arm warmers! Ohhhh they look so pretty and soft! They are $35. I could knit a pair of them, if I can remember how to do cables... I hadn't ever seen the Canvas brand before, which is pitiful because I think I am a target customer for this brand and I work in the apparel industry. This should not be news! But I really like their accessories. I also like their Montage Blog- such great pictures for inspiration.

Then I went to Target to get a pair of my favorite winter boots in black, and I saw these:
For $10.99. Um yeah, so they are made of a slightly less luxurious blend of fibers but they are so warm I had to take them off before I overheated. They will be perfect in January when the heat seems to be working in every office by mine.

Target has a huge variety of arm warmers and fingerless gloves with fold-back mitten tops. They had really soft cashmere ones but there was no way my manly sized hands were going to fit into those.

I'm still going to knit a pair of these.

Oh, and one of these....

And now it is time for me to catch up and watch the Project Runway finale! I've been looking forward to it all day....

Have a lovely weekend!

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