Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rambling About Clothes

It is so weird- I wrote a post about the concept of "He's just not that into you" (I'll probably get it up here at some point) and how it was so freeing for me last week. Then I wrote a post about how beautiful the weather was over the weekend and how happy it made me. Then I kept thinking about a couple of friends who have had some major stuff going on in their lives and suddenly talking about the weather and my love life just did not seem that important or even relevant. So I decided to stop for a few days until I could come up with something less trite.
And what am I in the mood to write about? Clothing.
Way to go Heather, you are really bringing the deep thoughtful stuff to the blog.

So let's talk about fashion for a few minutes.

I have a hard time using the label "fashion designer" in terms of my own career path, but that is what I majored in back when I was in college. There were endless projects and classes on patterns and draping and late nights of hard work on some over-ambitious designs that I was determined to get an A on. School was a very stressful time for me. I watch Project Runway and I get what those contestants are going through. Fashion is way harder than anyone ever gives it credit for in the real world- the world outside of Bryant Park and Vogue. But I really do love it. I love the colors and proportion and the way fabric acts and how you put together the puzzle of seams and stitches to get what you want. I would never survive Project Runway because I tend to get so hung up on details and I'm not good at snap decisions. (Also, I am not that creative, but we'll get to that.)

Last night I was reading Vogue (the one with Tina Fey on the cover- you go girl!), and the interview with Tina was interesting because she is very aware of what clothing she can get away with. You wouldn't think it to look at her necessarily because she has cultivated a persona of the nerdy writer/ SNL goofball news reporter, but she knows exactly what looks good on her and she seems really comfortable with her body. She's got the basics down- deep V necks are a particular favorite, but then she's also half Greek and she really identifies with that culture. ( All I can think of is the cousin in My Big Fat Greek Wedding busting out with that hideous bridesmaid's dress-I gasp in mock-horror every time I see that part.) Tina knows she looks better in slightly more revealing clothing. And she can always be the sexy librarian/ nerd girl if she wants to be.

Well I don't have any bloodlines half as exciting as Tina's- there is no flashy ethnic background to fall back on. I did a little fashion quiz on covet.com and I fall pretty much smack dab in the middle of "classic" with a mere hint of "contemporary". BOOOOORING. I do tend to wear jeans and sweaters and cardigans and simple shoes and tasteful outfits and blah it is so dull. On top of that I am a substantial woman (Does that make me sound plus size? That is the goal. I don't want to sound a like a linebacker.) and it is really hard to find anything interesting once you get up to a size 20. On the other hand, I look absolutely terrible in anything frilly or lacy or ruffly or little floral prints or really anything that screams GIRL! I would love to dress like a (streamlined) pin up girl or incorporate darker elements into my daily style, but it is hard to do.

Also, I'm not sure I would be totally comfortable doing it. It takes guts to dress a little different every day, although eventually no one notices because it becomes your style. When I first got my glasses I felt slightly self-conscious when I wore them because they ARE deep pink, but now I don't even remember what they look like when I'm wearing them. Maybe breaking out of a fashion rut is the same way- I'll feel weird at first but then it will all seem normal.

I have been having the worst time finding pants that fit me these days. I lost some weight and now the brands that used to work are no longer acceptable. I don't have a particularly difficult body to fit, but I am really picky about how my clothes look. Right now any jeans I have found that look good everywhere are too short. Jeans are a wardrobe staple for me so this is aggravating and the situation is getting a little desperate. My favorite jeans are just some cheap ones I picked up at walmart- but they're about an inch too short. I can wear them with ballet flats or my very flat snow boots and that's about it.

So I think in a few weeks when the weather really warms up I'm going to have to transition into skirts. I hesitate to wear them for several reasons.
#1 I have big legs.
#2 I have very white legs, and every single self tanner on this planet turns them yellow.
#3 Knee length skirts look best on me, and I'd feel bad blinding everyone who sees me with that expanse of white lower leg. It's like the Arctic tundra.
#4 Skirts and flat shoes do not work on me at all- the proportion is all wrong. I have to wear heels or wedges and let the whining begin with getting used to heels again.
#5 My shirts are all cut to wear with pants. Skirts require a slightly shorter shirt length or, once again, the proportion is screwy.

So I think I'm going to hit JC Penney in one last desperate attempt to find pants that fit. After I have a good cry I will emerge in a week or two in some fabulous skirt ensembles. Let's face it, the skirts and dresses (my other option that I am too self-conscious to wear) will definitely look better on me than my typical pants and t-shirts. I just have to be willing to let my fashion sense go there.

Also, for lots of fashion inspiration and DIY goodness, you should definitely go to outsapop.com and browse through the pictures. That blogger has a very well developed sense of style and I love almost everything she puts up there or links to. Yes, I tend to be drawn to goth fashion with lots of detail and hardware. The more the merrier. I ripped pictures of the new Gucci dress with built in metal harness details out of Vogue TWICE last night- I just love detail.

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