Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been working on this quilt very sporadically for two years. It started when I went to see my mom in February of 2008 in Northampton, and I pull it out and make blocks when I don't feel like reading or writing or watching TV or whatever else I do that fills my time. Although this week I've been trying to sew these little squares and watch the Olympics at the same time, which is not recommended. I will surely lose a finger if I try to keep that up.Here are some of the blocks laid out on my living room floor. This is my favorite way to arrange log cabin quilts, but I want to make this about 10 x 11 blocks (I have 75 completed, and I'm working on 15 more right now) for a queen size bed and that would mean I'd need another row of squares to make the center, uh, centered. So I'm thinking maybe I'll do diagonal lines instead. The tedious part is almost over but now the hard decisions begin.... Borders? Binding? Backing fabric? Hand tie? What color thread? Machine quilt? On a queen sized log cabin quilt? SERIOUSLY?

I have a lot of sewing ahead of me but I'd really like to finish this up this year!

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