Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random rambling about food.

Hey Y'all,

So yeah, I have had a couple of things on my mind today (mostly food-related) and figured I would let YOU, my fabulous audience, read them. Because you read my blog like a prayer book and take time to reflect on my message to the world! (OKAY, who has been watching just a little too much Big Love? The FLDS group fascinates me, so this show is like CRACK. I am seriously loving it, especially Nicki. I'm not a Chloe Sevigny fan but that character is fascinating.)

Right, so, where was I? Oh YEAH, as a side note, does anybody besides me think that this dumb David Letterman/ Sarah Palin feud is totally fabricated for ratings? Conan O'Brien started just last week. I mean, I can't imagine the Palins and Letterman working together at faking a dispute like that, but it's lasted way too long. In today's newscycle these things only last that long because somebody wants them too. Normal people would have dropped it by now.

Sooooo the gym: boy I am really starting to get why people are all hooked on working out. I was there 3 days last week, and I've been 3 days in a row this week. I joined 2 months ago and started going regularly 6 weeks ago. I work out with a personal trainer 2 times a week (but for the past 2 weeks it was 3 times a week because appointments got shifted around), and then I aim to get some cardio in at least 2 times on top of that. Sorry for all the documenty numbers. I HATE doing cardio as a training session- it's really hard and I feel like it's something I could do myself and she makes me do things like the stair stepper or the treadmill at a minimum of 3 miles an hour with an incline of 10%. BUT it burns a lot of calories so I'll stop whining. Maybe. One day. The regulars are starting to talk to me so I know I've been there a lot. Anyway, I am getting stronger but not seeing a heck of a lot of weight loss. I'm trying not to focus on that because really this is for health more than anything else but it does get frustrating.

My trainer keeps saying things like "Food Diary" and I keep saying things like "LA LA LA I can't HEAR YOU!" I hate food diaries. And I think for the most part I eat fairly healthy. Ish. Today is a pretty typical food day, so here it is:
  • A cup of coffee (I LOVE COFFEE, and I always regret drinking it. It kills my stomach but it tastes so good! It smells like heaven's kitchen (oh my god again with the goody goody mormon stuff)! It gives me lots of energy and makes my hair shiny. But it also kills my stomach. Normally I drink P&G Tips black tea.
  • A bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and a little brown sugar mixed in. Sometimes I add a chopped dates, almonds, and canned pumpkin too. Sounds gross, but as long as you don't put TOO much pumpkin in, it's good.
  • Lunch was a chicken wrap from the cafeteria. Tortilla, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, some shredded cheese, and mustard. It's the only thing I'll eat from that place. Everything else is pretty gross. I did make them give me a spoonful (that's eating spoon, not serving spoon) of cherry cobbler because it looked SO GOOD, but it was really sweet and sort of icky. Sometimes I'll have baked chips with lunch but lately they've just had regular chips or those ones with Olestra (ewwwww) so I pass.
  • A lot of water.
  • Tonight when I got home from the gym my stomach was still feeling rotten from the cursed coffee (SIGH), so I made a smoothie from frozen bananas and peaches, spinach, light skim milk, light vanilla yogurt, hemp protein, and cinnamon. It was good, and seems to have calmed my stomach down. Later I might have a veggie omelet or something.
Okay, today was really NOT the typical food day because I don't think I ate enough. But health-wise this is my typical diet. My personal challenge is cutting out more red meat and adding more veggies. The other night I made hummus and ate cucumber slices with it, that was really good. Yesterday I cooked up ramen noodles (without the nasty flavor pack) and a sliced up chicken breast with a sesame sauce I made because I have a HUGE can of tahini that I got for the hummus and I'm not sure what else to do with it. Sesame sauce is good. I love tahini, it has that taste you just can't get from anything else.

Some days I just want to eat cheeseburgers. From McDonalds. And then I tell myself I'm not DIETING, I can eat whatever I want. And the craving magically goes away.

Okay, I didn't mean for this post to get all gym/food/body obsessed, but that's what's on my mind lately. I don't know a single person out there who doesn't have food issues, so we might as well talk about them.

PS Congratulations to the Armstrong Family of Dooce! This baby is cuuuuuute. Check it out. They picked a very cool name.

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