Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dreams... and Smoothies!

So, I've been sleeping better (last night I didn't take Ambien, and I fell asleep around midnight at woke up at 9:20- PROGRESS!) but I've been having odd dreams. Now, some people seem to think that dreaming means you're healthy, buy personally I think it means that since you woke up halfway through the dream (because otherwise you wouldn't remember it), it's a sign of not-great sleep. But whatever, I am, as usual, digressing.

The other night I had a dream that I was running. I like running. I don't actually run except when I'm at the gym and my trainer MAKES me run, but I can see myself running when I'm ummmm, a lot lighter. Things just don't stay where they're supposed to when I run right now. Sports bras are on the way. TMI? Get over it. Anyway, running in my dream was nice, I think it was a race or marathon or something, but running in real life for more than 2 minutes might kill me.

I also have had a recurring dream that my freezer is empty. I don't think this is a dream that means I worry that I'll run out of food. My freezer is so chock-full of crap right now that it's probably wishful thinking that I could cram another thing in there. I opened the door and I was like oh FINALLY my freezer doesn't have 10 million things in it and I can find stuff. How refreshing.

This morning I ate a handful of nuts and went to the grocery store. When I got back I made a Green Monster Smoothie, that everyone and their grandma seems to be eating lately. I hauled out the blender and blended up:
1 frozen banana
2 handfuls of spinach
a few slices of frozen peaches
1 T peanut butter
2 T hemp protein
1/4 cup (or so?) vanilla yogurt
1 cup (or so?) of light vanilla soymilk

Zooooooom, this stuff is great! I don't taste the spinach at all, it's just a peanut butter banana smoothie really. This batch was HUGE, I need to get the numbers adjusted. Also, my blender HATES ME, it's going to die soon. I'd like to get this one (that's right- dream BIG), but I think that might be a little overkill!

Happy weekend everybody!

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Kristen's Raw said...

l love green smoothies - Yowza! They make me feel GRRRRRRRREAT!