Sunday, May 03, 2009


The weather for the past 3 days has reminded me of England. And Scotland. And Amsterdam. And if I'd ever lived in Seattle, I'm sure I would be thinking of that too. RAIN. 4 to 5 inches so far and it just keeps coming. I have a lot of lamps on and candles lit and it just doesn't seem to do much to counteract the dreariness.

I've been reading the Twilight series again (I'm on day 5 of that binge and halfway through Eclipse) (for those of you not in the know, that's over 1200 pages of Vampire/Werewolf/Romance goodness) and listening to Muse, so I'm really WALLOWING in this dark weather. For the moment it's sort of fun instead of depressing, but if the sun doesn't come out in a day or two I'm going to have to start pulling out uplifting stuff or I won't be able to get out of bed by Wednesday morning. Bring on Pollyanna and the Annie Soundtrack! No, that's just overkill.

I have to admit I was sort of productive today in spite of the gloominess. I ran errands and went to the gym (30 minutes on the elliptical- 400 calories and 2.2 miles- go me!) and downloaded music and in a minute I'm going to go put away all of the CDs that have built up in my car and switch them out. To top off the evening I'm going to drink a bottle of wine (ha ha, maybe not) (well, maybe) and watch the Tudors. It is just that kind of day!

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