Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am a documenter, at least when it comes to words. I make to-do lists, and grocery lists, and Costco lists, I journal (although not nearly as much as I used to since I blog a lot and this has a super journal-ly feel to it and mostly serves the same purpose), I keep letters and cards and emails and all sorts of stuff (but I'm not a pack rat- I do go through the correspondence every once in a while and get rid of things that have lost their importance). Even my job is all about documenting stuff, and figuring out better, more efficient ways to document stuff, and making sure that systems that hold all of that documentation are in good working order.

On the other hand, I usually forget the existence of cameras until it is too late to take the picture. Oh well, we can't all be good at everything.

Part of why I am a documenter is that I have a terrible memory. But if I write things down I tend to remember them a lot better. Even when I was in school I didn't usually have to study as long as I took really detailed notes and maybe read them over once or twice before a test. I'm the kind of person who either immediately understands stuff and remembers it, or doesn't.

My desk at work is usually a rainbow of post-it notes for reminders, messages, to do lists, and call-back numbers. Recently I've been trying to keep everything in a huge yellow spiral bound notebook I got at Target. But I still use colored post-it tabs on my notebook so I can find important stuff fast. I'm sure this will be a brief experiment though, I always go back to post-it notes and a desk planner. For me it is the most efficient way to work and find stuff fast. I tried some of the filing method from "Getting Things Done" (which is a great book if you're trying to get organized), but it just didn't work for me. I just went back to what I've been doing since I moved out of my parent's house and had to keep track of my finances. I've been a really organized person for most of my life, clutter makes me insane. (What I did keep from that book is filing EVERYTHING, even if it is just a scrap of paper in a folder, so that I can find it later and I'm not drowning in piles of random paper. I liked that.)

So sometimes my blog has more of a list-y feel to it instead of a narrative, meaningful tone. But I'm just making sure that I remember what happened on vacation or that particularly great day I had 3 years ago or what I did for my birthday.

Aaaaanyway, there is absolutely no point to all of that except to say that sometimes not everything I write is mind-blowingly important. Having said that, here's the rundown of my life lately:
  • The gym on Monday left me SO SORE! And that was only the fitness test! My abs and shoulders still sort of hate me for what I did to them Monday. I'm such a showoff. I mean strong, I'm so strong. Tonight my trainer tried to kill me- I swear to God. She was all like "Great! Good job on that set of tricep whateveryoucallthems. Let's run some laps!" Me, "Run? Are you freaking kidding me???" "C'mon! Let's go! I'm running, why aren't you running??? RUN. RIGHT NOW." Me, "Oh fuck she means it." (I don't think I said that last part out loud but who knows?)
  • My 2nd DVD of Season 2 of The Tudors arrived in my mailbox today. GOD I love that show. The costumes, the sets... okay, I've talked about this before. We all know what happens in the story of Henry the VIII (although I am having trouble keeping some of those hot lords and earls and whatnot and their respectively slutty lasses straight), but it is just such a visually awesome series that I can't stop watching it.
  • Work has been slow and it worries me.
  • According to the weather channel we're going to get 4" of rain between tomorrow and Tuesday. We need rain and I'll take that over tornadoes any day, so I'm not complaining.
  • Nashville has had it's first documented case of SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're all gonna DIE!

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