Monday, October 20, 2008

The Tudors

I have been Netflixing The Tudors and I have to admit I'm hooked. Sure, it isn't historically accurate. Everyone is too clean and perfect and there are no pock-marked faces or gross foods or anything like that. It's mostly about King Henry and some lusty wenches. But lusty wenches have their place so I'm enjoying the show and blocking out all of my Tudor history.

What I am LOVING about this show are the costumes. Oh. My. God. They are gorgeous.

WOW. I have flipped back through scenes and turned the sound off and just watched the clothes on this show. In fact, there's a website about costumes in film (that I'm about to pour through) and there is an entire page dedicated to the clothing you see these characters wearing.

Look at all of that embroidery on Anne Boleyn's dress. They must have a costume ARMY. I can't find a picture of it, but in the first season Queen Katherine is wearing a corset that looks like tooled metal, or maybe leather. The work that has gone into the design and execution of these pieces is nothing short of art. I wonder what their purchasing trips are like? Where do they get all of their trims from? How huge do you think the research library is?

Some shows and movies tend to ignore the men and spend all of the budget on the women, but not The Tudors. (And for the sake of the show it's nice that the men are all easy on the eyes. You can see why Jonathan Rhys Meyers played Elvis. Well, no, maybe not in this picture but I'm talking about COSTUMES here, not the eye candy!)

Oh okay FINE, if you insist here's a picture of the man looking more, um, smoldering. :) Helloooooo King Henry! Who wants to be a random lusty serving wench NOW?


HeatherBakes said...

LOVE The Tudors... we watched the first season and now I need to catch up. So are they going to make JRM put on some pounds to play the older Henry- for historical accuracy and whatnot? That would be interesting.

Yet Another Heather said...

Well seeing as they haven't been historically accurate so far, I think Henry might stay 25 for several seasons. :) I keep waiting for his big leg injury to happen but I guess if there isn't an injury then he can't become inactive and if he doesn't become inactive he won't get all fat. But I'm only on the last couple of episodes of the 1st season so what do I know?