Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woooooo, Cooler Weather Clothes!

YES! I am so happy I can finally drag out some of my cooler weather clothes. The temperature dipped all the way down into the 40s last night! Break out the scarves! Break out the sweaters! Apply!
Last week at Marshall's I got a really fantastic scarf. It is pure silk but not in a slippery silk scarf way, in a cozy warm loop-it-around-your-neck-let's-go-skiing way. It's purple. I'm tempted to go back and see if they have more in other colors because silk is warm but not too warm and it was only something like $18. I got another scarf that day in bright pink. It is the same deal but made of rayon and not nearly as comforting.

At Target I purchased two cotton sweaters with an argyle pattern on the front. They are CUTE. They're 3/4 sleeve v-neck sweaters that fall at the right spot and make me feel very sexy librarian when I wear them. One is gray with a grey/black/lime green pattern and the other is navy with a purple/yellow pattern. LOVE THEM. I also busted out the other cotton sweaters I have in hot pink, salmon pink, red, and sage green. Then there's a hooded wool sweater I got at Lane Bryant last year that is also really cute. They all look good with jeans or skirts, and the argyle sweaters will be good with my wideleg dress pants. Which I am never giving up. Skinny jeans may be here to stay but not on THIS body.
Next we come to boots. I have a pair of fake uggs I got at Target last year that are surprisingly warm and comfy and I'll be wearing those again this year (but not tucked into jeans or anything silly like that). And I have my faithful Nine West black leather boots that have been re-heeled will be worn constantly. I just need to get some inserts for those because the inside bottom wore out of them years ago. I am also lusting after some David Tate boots but I think I'll get those for next year, my Nine Wests should last another season.
Also on the Lust List (that might have to be a new tag) looking towards winter is a walking coat from Lands End in grey. It looks amazing. I would like to own it. But I don't have $200 for a coat when I have 2 others that work just fine. Maybe that'll be a next year item with those David Tate boots. Maybe I'll get them both on clearance in the spring and save them for Fall 2009.

And in fantasy world I am loving these too :)

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