Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday Yet?

Today was hard for me. They're going to start making cuts at work and while it won't effect me or my team, I did have to break the news that keeping your job when others have to leave means more work for everybody. They took it well but it was still stressful. I can't tell them what I know, I can only try to give them some fair warning. So at lunch I drove over to Kohl's and smelled candles. And looked at shoes. And smelled more candles. I felt a little better.

I got back to work and 5 million (or thereabouts) different projects went haywire this afternoon. There were lots of emails and phone calls and I had to be the bad guy and then I had to beg and plead and then I had to be the bad guy again. I drove home late with my ears up to my shoulders and my jaw clenched. (Oh geez, don't tell my dentist that. She makes me wear a mouth guard every night because I clench my teeth too much and then I whine that my jaw hurts. Oh, and to protect the $3000 of dental work I've had done over the past year. Shhhhh!) I put on my new silky knit sleep pants and did yoga for an hour. And everything is mostly right with the world again. I just had to put my head in a different place. I'm going to eat a little dinner and have a glass of wine and watch Grey's Anatomy and STOP THINKING for one night.

I'm working on a couple of big posts but they're going to have to wait until things calm down some. THANK GOD tomorrow is Friday. And speaking of God, here was the message at the church up the street from me this afternoon:


That made even a heathen like me smile.

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