Friday, October 24, 2008

We Made It

Well my little chickadees, today is Friday, which means we all made it through the week from hell. Almost everyone I know has had a bad week. It must be in the water. But as soon as I left work things got better. The people at Wal-mart were SMILING and saying "Excuse me" before cutting you off. That was like an alternate universe!

I got new shower curtain rings that aren't going to annoy me anymore. Have you ever just lived with something because you'd had it forever and then you look at it one day and realize that if you have to deal with it for one more second you're going to lose it? That's me and my former shower curtain hooks. (It's happened with many other things too: relationships, cluttery messes in my living room, sad dark furniture that needs painting... the list goes on and on.) Things were going along just swimmingly until I got sturdier shower curtains, and the weight of the curtain would take the hooks right off the rod and that just irritated me to no end. So tonight I got shower cutain RINGS, which will hold that curtain on no matter what. Life is about to improve around here.

On the agenda for the weekend:
  • Costco: for trailmix nut clusters and Cheerios (why not buy industrial size? they're practically all I eat these days)
  • World Market: because I haven't been to one in years and Halloween items might be on sale and who doesn't like to look at tiny jars of jam for picnics?
  • Farmers Market: I hate the one downtown, but there are others and I'm going to find one of them. Need to remember to get cash on the way there....
  • Movie with friends.
  • Attempt to slipcover my old armchair using this method.
That should keep things on an even keel. Staying busy is the name of the game for weekends without much going on.

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