Thursday, May 07, 2009


Feeling very Keanu Reeves tonight. Dude. Where does the time GO?

I think having a social life puts a serious crimp in the blogging time. But I've been having so much fun. Last night I met some friends at Iron Fork 2009. This was a charity event with the main focus being an Iron Chef style competition and then there was loads of food sampling from different restaurants around Nashville. Is it sort of weird that, given the huge variety of dishes to try, my favorites were Qdoba and Whole Foods? SERIOUSLY? Good thing there isn't a Qdoba on my side of town, I'd eat there too much. We had such a good time. The competition was boring (and very brightly lit for TV cameras) so we pretty much ignored it, ate lots of food, sat around and gossiped, and I drank WAY too much. (On a school night! I'm too old for that stuff! Shame on me!)

The event was hosted by the Country Music Hall of Fame, so we went upstairs to this other room (oohhhh, I wish I knew the name of that room) where there was a huge scary looking tower pointing down from the middle of the ceiling and pretty much everyone who walked in had to walk under it and look up and then we'd all giggle how the thing was going to fall down and crush people, ummmm, we were pretty drunk. There were lots of pictures of country singers on the walls- PROBABLY THE HALL OF FAME- and I hadn't heard of about 90% of them. One of the vendors there had snap bracelets (remember those from about 1988?) and there were some really mature snap bracelet wars. I don't know how long we were up there but by the time we came downstairs everybody was GONE (we're talking hundreds of people!) and they were tearing down the kitchen area. It was like a time warp! But this is how it goes when I hang out with this group, we tell stories and gossip and laugh our asses off and then realize that OH 3 hours have gone by.

I am really curious about the Country Music Hall of Fame now, I'd never been before and it looked pretty interesting (even when I was sober).

The other aspect of my life taking up a big chunk of non-work time: the personal trainer. She's fantastic. Tonight I bit the bullet and signed up for personal training until the end of August. If I were doing this by myself I would NEVER work myself as hard as she does. I am sweating and huffing and puffing and red in the face and probably VERY SEXY by the time we're done but who cares? It's the gym. I'm working my ass off and it is fun. Since last Tuesday I've lost 4 lbs, half of that body fat and half lean muscle tissue (I bet if I hadn't been so hung over and drinking water all day long my numbers would have been better). My third official session was tonight and she upped my time and level on the elliptical, my height on steps, my reps on abs, and added some new abs exercises. She keeps things interesting and the time goes by really fast. I'll be working with her twice a week and then I'll get in cardio another 2 or 3 times a week and I'll be a lean mean muscle machine. Or something like that- I've got a long ways to go but this is the thing that is really going to make a difference for me. I paid for it and she's waiting for me so I have to show up- that alone is hugely motivating.

I've been volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters for 8 or 9 months now, and my Little and I have completed the paperwork so that we can do stuff over the summer. I have so much fun with her. She's very shy but since Christmas she's finally been comfortable around me. The last time I hung out with her at school she told me that I'm going to be her Big Sister FOREVER, until I pass away. Which I thought was hilarious because it was obvious she'd just learned the term "pass away" and I started laughing and she got tickled so there we were sitting in the library giggling about death when the principal walked in.... NICE.

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It's called the Hall of Fame Rotunda! :) Here's the link to a multi-media thing about it: