Friday, March 13, 2009


This morning I went down to the cafeteria at work. (Which is politely referred to by some as the "Cafe". Oh give it a rest, when I think Cafe I think little tables and cute sandwiches and coffee you can stand to drink, and maybe outdoor seating. Cafe my ass.) I got my usual: a bowl of oatmeal and a cup for tea. I always bring my own teabags because the markup on tea in that place is insanity. I can get a box of about 12,000 teabags for something like $5 at the grocery store but at work they cost 75 cents PER BAG. Are you kidding me??? So, anyway, I made my tea (which I always take with sugar substitute and skim milk, because I like it the snobby pretentious British way, minus the heavy cream and real sugar) and grabbed some extra Splenda packets because you just never know when they'll be out so you better get them and stash them at your desk. I went about my day and completely forgot about those Splenda packets until I was looking for change and couldn't figure out why my pocket was full of sand.


The week from hell is almost over. Actually, this is the 3rd week in a row of weeks from hell. But I don't think I'm the only one suffering from Week from Hell Syndrome. I think the time change that is screwing with everyone's ability to think clearly and behave like grownups. Or talk in coherent sentences.

By the way, if you suffer from allergies, Zyrtec is AMAZING. I love this stuff! I wake up in the mornings all stuffy and congested (and one morning my ear was actually all stopped up, which I hate more than anything else), but then I take my little tiny Zyrtec and in under an hour I'm cured. And I haven't noticed a single side effect- no drowsiness or dry mouth or anything like that. I might just keep taking it through August.

This weekend I'm on a quest for the new GQ. I may not SEEM like the target market for that magazine, but have you seen the cover? I'm not the world's biggest, nerdiest, 15-year-old-girl-iest Twilight fan, but I'm not complaining. Dude. Wow. Observe:Oh Robert Pattinson, even your worried smoking face is pretty darn hot.

This weekend I'm going to pick up the latest bookclub book (and scope out the GQ situation), check out the sale at Belk (really hit or miss, but whatever it's right next to the bookstore and I have coupon), stop by Walmart for bottled water (oh my gosh that was like 2 cardinal sins in one sentence), and go grocery shopping. I'm really not sure what exactly I've been eating because my cupboards are BARE. And on Sunday I have a hike! If it isn't raining that is....

PS Okay, so I've fucked around with this post about 50 times now and I don't know why the fonts are different and I don't know why the font sizes keep changing but you know what? You can read fonts in different sizes. So I'm not screwing with it anymore.

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