Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Magnet Extraordinaire!

So today I finally busted out the bright red jacket I bought last month. It has 3/4 length sleeves, pocket flaps, princess seams, and tab cuffs. It also has HUGE buttons, the ones at the cuff are 1-1/4" and the ones on the front are 2". It looks sort of like hobbit clothes but waaaaay cooler. I feel so happy and friendly in this jacket, probably because it is a show stopper. Great stuff. I wish I could find a picture, but I can't so this will have to do:

Aaaaanyway, somebody brought their baby to work today (and I have no clue who this person is) and one of my employees decided she was stealing her and brought her up to the 5th floor. CUTEST BABY EVER. She was hanging out with strangers and totally calm and happy about it. I'd say she's about 9 months old. She saw me and really liked the red jacket buttons- I probably looked like a great big toy to her. Anyway, I haven't held a baby in MONTHS (maybe a year?) and she was all sweet and cuddly and adorable, but that biological clock thing hasn't kicked in yet. Children: good in theory, but in practice? Eh, I might get there. One day. With the proper daddy material. Which is good because I don't want to be one of those women so desperate to have babies that they just get on board with whoever comes along. I'd rather visit the sperm bank. (And yes, we got the baby back to her mom, we didn't hold her for ransom or anything.)

In other fashion news, check out my new shoooooes:I got these on super super sale. They are Frye Marta T-Straps. They have a 4" (!!!!!!!) heel (with a platform at the front so they don't feel quite that high to my feet), which brings me in at 6' tall. I have no idea when I'll wear them but they were so cheap (for Frye's) and so cute that I got them anyway. They were about 1/4 size too big, but I put some ball-of-foot cushions and some heel huggers in them and now they are perfect and actually pretty comfy considering. I love these shoes. I'd wear them everywhere if I could. Post office? Gas station? A trip to the recycling center? Running to the ATM? OH WAIT I NEED MY 4" HEELS!

I also discovered these contraptions for high heels called Insolias that I got for another pair of shoes. These magically shift your center of gravity from the ball of your foot (ouch!) (my sister is giggling because I keep saying balls, I just know it), to the heel so that your poor little feet don't want to just DIE an hour after you put on heels. I can't wait to try these out. They aren't a smooshy cushy insole, instead they fix the problem instead of treating the symptom.

As a follow up to my last post, the muffins I made just lifted out of those silicon muffin cups like they weren't even baked in them. AWESOME. And they're a breeze to clean. The only problem now is that my nonstick baking sheet doesn't clean up either so I'm thinking about just getting some aluminum half sheet baking pans with silpat for the bottom of them and ditching nonstick entirely. I already did that with my frying pans, but I think cast iron baking pans might be a BIT MUCH. I'd never be able to lift them out of the oven!

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