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Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic, Book 1) Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

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After reading East of Eden I thought I really needed something a little less... heavy. A little frivolous and fun. And I recently got this at a bookswap so I thought, HMmmmmm, why not?

Well Confessions of a Shopaholic is not good literature, and it isn't even good Chic Lit. This book sucks and for some reason I just kept at it until the end hoping that the shallow main character Becky or Becca or whatever would figure herself out and redeem herself and make herself into a likable person. But that DOES NOT HAPPEN.

What we are dealing with here is an addict with classic addict behaviors. She borrows money and lies about why she needs it. She lies to the bank that her nonexistent dog and aunt have died and that is why she hasn't paid up on her bills. Then she lies that she's getting a big windfall. She "borrows" from her friends and can't make her rent and lies and lies and lies. Even worse is the justification for every purchase she makes that is completely outrageous. She DESERVES treats for herself for everything. A treat to me would be a Starbucks coffee, a treat to her is a $400 pair of shoes. And she deserves them because she got through a fairly average, albeit boring, day.

But the end is what really annoyed me. Instead of really truly getting her act together she falls into a job in television and will make TONS more money than she used to so her debt problem is solved. In the real world this doesn't happen. You have to save and save and separate the wants from the needs and eventually, if you are careful, you will dig through your own personal mountain of debt. Also, since there are at least 4 more books about the Shopaholic, I'm assuming the little flash of redemption she had fails miserably. And I don't want to read about that.

So, if you're looking for a quirky likable British girl, stick to Bridget Jones. At least you'll want her to succeed. I sort of wanted Becky to get all of her stuff repossessed by creditors and wind up in jail.

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Ladybug said...

I just finished this book(the audio version) this morning and I couldn't agree more with you. I loved Bridget Jones but I wanted to tell off Rebecca Bloomwood: Go to the doctor your an addict and a compulsory liar and you need treatment.

I have only read postive reviews of this book, so I was glad to finally find someone who had the same opinion about it as me.

I intended to read the whole series for the Chic Lit 2009 Challenge but I'm not tempted to read four more books about Rebecca!