Sunday, March 01, 2009

And 'Round and 'Round and 'ROUND It Goes

Hey World. So work has been stressful for the past couple of weeks and because of that I haven't been sleeping. And when I don't sleep I'm really tired when I come home after work and I don't exercise as much as I should. And when I don't exercise I don't sleep as well. And when I don't sleep as well I become overwhelmed with stress. And I don't sleep well some more. And then I don't exercise. And then I don't make good food choices because I'm not aware of my body and what it needs. And then....

Gosh do we see a pattern here?

The really funny thing (okay, not funny, just weird) is that I should see these things coming a MILE away. I should be really aware of what is going on and the balance I need, but somehow it sneaks up on me. You would think that after almost 30 years of life on this planet I would think to myself, "Okay HK!" (That would be me. I realized the other day that when I talk to myself I refer to myself by my own initials. Odd.) "I know I'm getting put through the wringer here, maybe it's time to do some deep breathing and some yoga. And going to bed at 10:00 would be a great idea because the system is getting out of whack."

But instead I start eating junk because I'm starving because I'm TIRED. And then I feel even worse. I'm assuming this is a human thing but I don't like to be un-perfect and human. I would like to be a super-human please.

Anyway, I am digging myself out of this one with some extra healthy food and good solid workouts. The sleep will follow. Work should be a little less stressful this week and then I'll be in good shape. It is March. Spring is on the way! I'm always in a better state of mind in the spring. And then I'll be back on track with the blog.

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