Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm not dead!

Y'all. Seriously. Is there anybody out there? Did I hear an echo? Does anybody even read blogs written by incredibly slack bloggers?

This past week has been a blur of crazy-busy.

Some highlights:
On Saturday morning I met one of my Meet Up groups at Wild Bill's Bikes and Beignets, which was an odd little place. Incredible doughnuts Louisiana-style topped with tons of powdered sugar and served up with Community Coffee. And custom built Harleys that you can order there in the coffee shop. The combination was a little weird, but check it out. He's, like, famous. I will be back because the beignets are to die for, and who doesn't like a local coffee shop? And Wild Bill is totally nice and seems like a really cool guy.

On Sunday I ate at a vegetarian Indian buffet and it was fantastic. I don't know what the heck I ate but I loved every bite. Rice? Lentils? Veggies I can't even recognize? Bread pudding dessert type things? Mmmmmmmmm.

Last night a friend of mine watched one of the Melody Gardot videos I wrote about and decided that I like her because she and I are similar in that we have a "geeky, snotty, vampy attractiveness." I don't think he could have hit the nail on the head more with geeky and snotty, but I have not fulfilled my vamp potential. Granted, this person has never met me although we've been talking for 7 years, and he's going by pictures. But that is another story for another day. (That did sound really sort of slutty or something though didn't it?)

Did anybody watch the Oscars? I watch every year. I don't think I saw a single movie that was nominated for anything this year. But that's not the POINT. The POINT is the dresses and the "Oh my GOSH Jennifer Anniston must be standing and presenting right in front of the sanctimonius Brangelina! AWKWARD!" And predicting whether or not Mickey Rourke would be wearing something completely cracked out or just moderately cracked out. Heather (my hetero-lifemate Heather, not me in the 3rd person Heather, because that would be weird) and I pretty much voted on moderately cracked out because it all could have been so much worse. And let's talk for a minute about Ben Stiller's fantastic impression of Jaoquin Phoenix. HA! And how pretty Anne Hathaway is. And Tim Gunn doing red carpet commentary. (I kept waiting for him to say "That's a whole lot of look," but Tim Gunn is too classy to pull something that obvious at the Oscars.) And the beautiful color of Kate Winslet's dress. But most of all let's talk about how ODD it was when the former winners of an actor/actress category came up on stage to talk about the nominees in their given category. Wasn't it just a few years ago where they were practically flinging the Oscar to the winner from the center of the theater to save time? And now we're waxing poetic? REALLY? Wanna bet all of those best actresses were praying they didn't draw the short straw and have to say something mildly condescending about Meryl Streep's body of work?

And now, becaue I don't know how long it will be before I post again, here is some random entertainment:

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