Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I was standing in Ross today waiting in a line that went on for what might have been miles. I don't know what it is about Ross lately but they only have about 3 people working that store at any time and waiting to pay is a major ordeal. Anyway I was standing there and this song starts playing. And I was standing there thinking I KNOW this song. I know I do. What the heck is this?

And then it hit me: I used to play this song ALL THE TIME my first year of college. It was on my computer. I was living in a dorm, I was missing my boyfriend, and I hadn't learned how to just be happy wherever I was (and really that's a skill that takes work on a regular basis). It was not a great time in my life. But it's a great song, so I will share it:

Believe me, this is one of the happier songs from the Eels. They're very rarely played on any normal media (they get on a lot of movie and tv soundtracks, but you won't catch them on the radio) so to hear this in the middle of a discount store when they should have been playing Christmas music was... unexpected. But I'm glad I rediscovered the song.

This weekend I finished up my Christmas shopping, did a lot of exercising, read a LOT (I'm still plowing through this damn Marie Antoinette book- it is KILLING me- I guess I haven't had a ton of time for reading lately), watched a couple of episodes of Alias and beat myself up by watching Love Actually. That movie just rips me apart every time I see it. Part of it is really hopeful and part of it is really depressing and it almost always makes me cry. But it's Christmas DAMN IT and this is one of the movies I watch at Christmas time.

I hope everybody had a good weekend! The countdown has started- this week will be crazy catching up and getting ahead before the holidays. So just remember to breathe. Soon there will be a break.

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