Thursday, December 11, 2008

14 Days! Or Two Weeks! Or a bunch of Hours!

Yeah, I wasn't going to do that math. But Christmas is COMING y'all. (Do you like that homey little touch of y'all I add to my posts from time to time? Does it make me sound southern? Am I conveying the right attitude here?) And to make me feel really Christmasy, Mother Nature has decided to play along with my mood and sent me some snow. My balcony is white. The ground is white. This is AWESOME because I left work about 10 minutes before it started and hit my front door right as the roads got slick. (I didn't literally hit my front door- the roads weren't THAT slick and besides I live on the 2nd floor of my building so it would have to be a comically terrible crash to make that happen.)

Tonight I have finished up a few projects so I have some things to show you! In honor of the occasion I am wearing my Christmas pajama pants that say things like "Naughty girls get better presents" and "Put me in the naughty corner." (Yes, it is 6:30 as I type this- what's your point? I came home, worked out, took a shower, and got into my pajamas. It's not like I'm leaving the house- no one can drive tonight anyway!)

First, a wreath. This one started out as a styrofoam wreath form and I hot-glued blue stretch velvet to it, and wrapped the whole thing with red velvet ribbon. I like it, I think it feels sort of old fashioned.

And look at the color of the velvet! It is sooooo pretty. I love it. This is the only picture where the color really turned out right:
Neeeext, anther wreath. This one I have mixed feelings on. Maybe I should call it my Mardi Gras wreath. It's insane, and I'm keeping it up until I decide whether or not I want to keep it around.
See? Crazy, right? I got a bunch of plastic shiny glittery floral stuff at Hobby Lobby, and slapped it on a wreath that already had little Christmas ornaments on it anyway. Stroke of brilliance or just plain tacky? I'll decide tomorrow when I see it in the light of day.

And I finally got around to putting together the idea I stole from Nester, who stole it from this person. We're all about stealing when it comes to art. I mean, being inspired. Or something. Annnyway, I got a really cheap frame from Goodwill. Actually, it wasn't just a frame, there was a 1970s style lion picture in it that was HIDEOUS, and I wish I'd thought to take a picture of that too. Ohhhh, it was awful. But here's the frame:
Here's a close up so you really grasp how truly ugly this is:
Do you see the fake wood grain? Well, a couple of coats of primer, some staples, and a little twine, and that frame is now a message board. Not really a message board as I don't have anyone to leave messages for, but it's a good place for coupons and Christmas cards. It turned out to be pretty cool. The paint isn't perfect on purpose because I wanted it to look sort of worn out. And I'll be getting binder clips that are all silver sometime, but that just hasn't happened yet what with the blizzard outside.

I downloaded a bunch of Christmas music yesterday. All of the classics, including: Josh Groban's Noel. Wow, he has such a great voice. Talented little snot. And then The Mormon Tabernacle Choir doing lots of Christmas stuff (I think my parents had this on a record when I was a kid, I feel like I'm about 4 whenever I play it). And the album that MAKES IT CHRISTMAS: John Denver and the Muppets. Oh man, this still makes me laugh so hard. I am not an Alvin and the Chipmunks girl, I am a Muppets girl. I think there are two camps when it comes to this and they are VERY divided. So which side are you on?

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the H said...

Mardi Gras Wreath= R.A.D.

Goodwill Message Board= Awesome AND Clever

Christmas music....not so much. Why are there no pagan yule songs?