Thursday, December 18, 2008

One More Week!

Okay, I don't know when this turned into a Christmas countdown blog, but here it is. I suddenly realized to day that I'm running out of time. All of these things keep happening that are hindering the progress on Christmas preparation, plans, and so on and so forth. For instance, work has been insane (as I predicted). This week I've done all of my employee performance reviews, had my own review, thought up big serious goals for the future, won stuff (YAY!) at the huge Christmas lunch work throws every year, and on top of that did all of my regular job stuff. And THEN I've become a little addicted to the show "Dexter" which I've been getting from Netflix. Who has time for Christmas planning with all that going on??? Then this weekend I have Scrabble club and my dad is coming to Nashville for a day to see me. So I really need to make use of the free time I have now.

So today I made a list of things I need to get done tonight, and here it is:

1. Knit my last present. That needs to be finished TONIGHT. This won't be difficult to do in theory, but keep reading and take bets amongst yourselves as to whether this will actually happen.

2. Do some laundry, you big fat slacker. Oh, that was unkind internal dialogue. But seriously, I've got to get some clean clothes hung up in my closet.

3. Get together my friend's Christmas box. Wrap the gifts, box them up.
3a. Find the wrapping paper.
3b. Find a box.
3c. Find the packing tape, and the scotch tape....

4. Get gas in the car. I actually put this on the list twice, so it was pretty important. I was down to FUMES, but I stopped by Shell on the way home from work and this is the first time in a long time that I remember paying less than $20 for a tank of gas!

5. Figure out little presents for various work people. I'm so cheap I've contemplated breaking the big pack of chocolates I got from someone else at work into little cellophane wrappers and handing them out. That feels a little too cheap, even for me!

6. Write up my Christmas cards so I can drop them in mail tomorrow while I'm at the post office with the box. Uh hunh, that'll happen. I have zero Christmas stamps but a bunch of sunflower stamps... those are festive, right?

7. Keep reading status updates on Facebook because there is no better procrastination than that.

8. Call my Grandmother to thank her for my Christmas $$.

9. Clean the bathroom- my sister will be staying over Tuesday night. And the bathroom is driving me crazy anyway. I can't act like I just clean for guests, that would be gross.

10. Keep eating little Christmas chocolates I got from work (see above) because dinner is sort of daunting.

11. Remember that my boss took a bunch of people out to lunch today so the lunch I packed can be dinner. PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATES.

12. Just give up and sit in front of the TV and watch The Office and 30 Rock. But now I'm trying to remember if a new Grey's Anatomy is on. Doesn't look like it. Booooo. The whole Denny/Izzy thing is really ridiculous but it begs the question: if there is a brain tumor or something equally awful causing all of her hallucinations, would it be worth it for THE BEST SEX EVER that she keeps going on and on about? Maybe this should be an entirely new number on the list because that might take some thought.

Yeah, I have to go. Now I'm just using blogger to avoid all the crap I need to do.

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HeatherBakes said...

Haha- I can apply like 5 things on that list to myself. Especially the laundry. Yea for the holidays!

Good luck on tackling your to-dos!