Thursday, November 13, 2008

YES, it really DOES matter

So yesterday was a super craptastic day. I mean, I WOKE UP in a bad mood, which isn't normal for me. I had a headache. I was tired. I was grumpy. My hair wouldn't act right and I couldn't find my Excedrin. I walked out the door in really blah clothes (jeans, striped shirt, dark green hoodie, loafers- a combination that made me feel really down on myself but I was running late), looked at the blah weather, and felt what remained of my soul get sucked out of me by gremlins. I tried to get to the drugstore to buy some Excedrin, but the traffic was unusually bad so I skipped that and went straight to work.

I downed some questionable Advil (expired? possibly?), got my breakfast, and skulked through the day. It was DARK outside. The rain was coming down in irritating dribs and drabs. I couldn't say anything right to save my life. Through the course of the day I had to talk to people from Canada (French Canadian) and Miami (native Spanish speaker) which always taxes my brain a lot. You have to be careful what you use, say "Difficult" instead of "Hard", and "Correct" instead of "Right", and so on because it translates better. At some point I lost the striped shirt and just wore the hoodie zipped up because I wasn't happy with the combination at all.

I went home feeling terrible about myself, so I called my Mom. That always helps cheer me up because we laugh a lot on the phone. I whined about my day and she listened and said the appropriate things, "Oh Heather, tomorrow has to be so much better!" And I did start feeling a LOT better after that. I had dinner, drank a good sum of wine, watched Grey's Anatomy online, and knit. That was pretty much it. I couldn't deal with another person or do any exercise or really ANYTHING that involved something other than zoning out.

Today I woke up and it was still cloudy and dreary out but I had a silly text message from my sister. My hair was fluffy but didn't act like sparrows were nesting in half of it. I put on my fancy Vincent Longo eyeshadow (with PRIMER POTION, my newest favorite-ist thing that might even require its own follow-up makeup post), and then contemplated the closet. It is cool today, but not cold. I picked out jeans (usually it's jeans), with a black camisole and an electric blue cropped cardigan to go over it. Then I added my necklace with big smoky quartz beads, and put a fuchsia scarf around my neck and some heels on my feet. And then I felt like this day could not go wrong no matter what I did.

Here's the new rule: when you wake up feeling like the world is caving in, WEAR COLOR. Wear clothes that fit. Wear things that make you feel like you rule the world. I have a tendency to wear a lot of black. And that's fine, but I have to pull out the bright accessories or my mood will be as dull as the clothes I'm wearing. I also have to be careful because a lot of my clothes are slightly too big now and that makes me look sloppy. And I look and feel so much better when clothes are more on the tailored side.

Today has been a million times better than yesterday. And I know it has at least a little to do with what I was wearing. That may sound shallow to you, but the New York Times ran an entire article about how Barack Obama's clothing is being perceived. You can't blow off clothing, it leaves such an impression not only on those around you, but on yourself too.

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