Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum of Boredom

I LOVED Casino Royale. I thought it was smart and funny and the pace was fast enough to keep you on your toes but not so fast that you got confused. The plot was well developed with some good twists. There were gadgets (like his car w/ the defibrillator, how cool is that?). The characters were well developed, Bond was rugged and fierce, the Bond Girl was smart and sexy. It is one of my favorite action movies and the best Bond movie I've seen.

Yesterday I saw Quantum of Solace. Oh man what a mess. All of the things that made Casino Royale great were missing. The plot was dumb. There were zero Bond gadgets. Bond was a good fighter but a boring emotionally unavailable robot. The girl was DULL and felt more like a daughter than a Bond Girl. They kept cutting chase scenes with other chase scenes, which really only worked the first time. There were multiple car chases, a foot chase, a boat chase AND an airplane chase (which felt totally out of place). And the locations, while beautiful, did nothing for the movie. There was no HUMOR. In my book James Bond is supposed to be a rakish, womanizing, risk-taking spy with a sly side. It's about double entendres and drinking and hitting up all the women he comes across because he lives a life of danger so why not have some fun once in a while? This movie was nothing like that.

I was disappointed. I hope the next one is better. Daniel Craig and Judy Dench deserve more.

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