Sunday, November 30, 2008


So y'all, this is the part where I let my inner 15 year old girl out. I went to see Twilight today. In case you're culturally impaired and you've never heard of the books or heard about the movie (mostly in the context of 12,000 screaming girls swooning over Robert Pattinson), it's about vampires. That's pretty much it. A regular girl meets a vampire and they fall in love. This filled 4 WHOLE BOOKS, pretty lengthy books at that, and I'm not ashamed to say that I've read every single one. My favorite one by far was the last one, so I am really hoping that the movie franchise does well enough that they get to Breaking Dawn, because that's going to make one incredible movie.

Twilight was really good- much better than I expected. I kept wondering how it would look to someone going in cold having not read the book or even knowing the plot, and if that were the case the movie would SUCK. But since I'd read the books and knew what was happening and what will happen in the future, I LOVED it. In a sense it was better than the book because you weren't stuck reading Bella's whiny thoughts. The girl does tend to ramble on and on in self-righteousness, so it was nice to not have to deal with so much of that.

And I guess it is inevitable that I talk about Edward. What the heck makes him so appealing? Probably the mix of gentlemanly behavior, incredible self-control, and the dark brooding gaze. Whew. He could just tear that girl apart but he loves her so much that he forces himself not to- is there anything more romantic than that? (Yes, this would be the 15 year old girl part of me talking.) Not to mention that the actor playing him is HOT, which is exactly as it should be. I don't think there is a man alive who could do justice to Stephanie Meyer's descriptions of Edward, but they got a good mix of pretty and intense in Pattinson.

Right, back to my regular 29 year old self. How can it be Sunday already? Where did my several days off GO? I put up Christmas lights, watched an embarrassing number of episodes of Brothers and Sisters, knit up a storm, worked on my message board thing, went to my bookclub, went shopping, and watched the rain. Rumor is that tonight and tomorrow we might get measureable snow. This is insane- it's not even December yet! And, as I've been reminding myself for the past 3 days I HAVE to paint my toenails tonight. What if I ever have to take my shoes off in public (in december? really?)? So I'm going to go do that, watch the last 2 episodes of Brothers and Sisters in my apartment at the moment, throw my clothes in the dryer, and eat some icecream. Just because it's Sunday night doesn't mean my vacation is over yet, dammit. Oh, and tonight I'll dream about hanging out with the hot vampires.

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