Friday, November 28, 2008


I want to wish everyone a happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I spent yesterday at my friend Erin's house eating wonderful food, petting her cats, and playing Imaginiff, which is a really funny game where you pick a bunch of people, read silly questions about them off of cards, and hope you pick the the same answer as everybody else so you get points and WIN. It was a good time. And I had a great turkey sandwich for breakfast this morning. YUM.

On Wednesday my friend Eric was in town, and we did decidedly Nashville things. We had breakfast at Noshville (POTATO PANCAKES!). Then saw Transporter 3. (Not really a Nashville thing, but a really great unapologetically ridiculous action movie. I loved it. And until people were walking out I was sure I was the only girl in the theater. There was one other.) After that we went to The Flying Saucer, which is where I will be taking anyone who is even slightly interested in beer. Amazing. They have 10 million beers on tap (I could be exaggerating) and a trillion more in bottles. A beer snob's dream.

This morning I called all of the companies I do business with (like the electric company and credit card companies) to tell them that my phone number has changed and I even got the APR lowered on one of my credit cards. I'm going to call my credit union on Monday (they're closed today) and see if they'll lower the APR on their card because right now they're the highest by far, which seems backwards to me. That got me on a roll so I did a big count up of debt and I'm happy to say that it has definitely gone down in past 11 months. My plan is working. I have been skipping trips and shopping and all kinds of things because the only goal I care about right now is not owing money. In the coming year I am prepared to aggressively attack my debt and make a really appreciable dent in it. Not that $4500 isn't appreciable, and considering all of the things I paid cash for this year that's really noble. Next year will be even better. The main thing is that almost all of that was paid on credit cards. YES!

In other news, last night I finished up my latest pair of fingerless gloves, and these are about 12 million times better than the first ones. Check it out! These are done in bulky bamboo yarn, which I'm in love with and I'm going to buy a ton more of it and start knitting. I don't even know what I'll make with it, I just love to use it. It's thick and warm and really REALLY soft and has a texture almost like silk. YUMMY.

Also, because I know you're interested, I am completely in love with Coldplay. I never paid much attention to them before but this is their latest song. I could listen to this over and over and over (and I HAVE, as the youtube search page keeps pointing out). Hush up youtube, I'm a little obsessive about songs and I don't think I have to answer to you!

Today and for the rest of the weekend I will drag out Christmas decorations, work on Christmas lists, see Twilight, knit some more bamboo, watch Brothers and Sisters, and make a display rack out of an old picture frame I got at Goodwill. I will post pictures as I suspect this will be a really cool project. Happy shopping day everybody!!!

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