Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Duchess

I saw The Duchess on Sunday, and if you are even slightly interested in costumes, check out the page here on the costumer's guide. The movie was much MUCH better than I expected, and Keira Knightly seems to be growing into her acting- she's finally managed subtlety instead of flying around a room. The costumes and makeup and hair were excellent, as were the sets. (The costumes HAD to be good, we're talking about a fashion icon. The hats alone seem to test the limits of physics.) I might have to watch this one again on DVD.

I haven't read the book, so that might color your opinion of the movie if you've read it. From what I gather on the reviews, the movie only scratches the surface of Lady Georgiana's life. ("Think money, sex, adultery, lesbianism, aristocracy, drug addiction, gambling, politics, scandals, betrayals, blackmail, fashion, theater, and the French Revolution....") The movie touches on all of those things but you don't get the impression that she's having wild cocaine induced orgies while she plays cards in a box at the theater. Obviously I'm going to read all about it as soon as it comes back in to the library!

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