Friday, September 07, 2007

Poor Poor Kyla Ebbert

I first read about the girl who almost got kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight here on And then this morning she was on the Today Show, and I think they were attempting to show that her outfit wasn't that bad. At first they were trying to be all cool and just show her face in a very close shot so that we couldn't see the outfit and OH the anticipation to see just what hoochie getup she had on! Matt really stretched the drama for as long as he could, and then asked her to stand up so we could get the full effect of her clothes. So she stands up, and it's not SO bad. A white tank top, little tiny cardigan, and a white skirt the length of a generously sized belt. An outfit you would find at any Wet Seal or 5-7-9 or other adolescent store at the mall.

Like her Mom said, this is what college girls in warm climates wear. So what's the problem?

Well then Kyla went to sit back down and they had to blur out her crotch because she FLASHED her panties to AMERICA.

I guess that's not so bad either because, well, Britney Spears and a host of other celebrities have flashed paparazzi sans panties and this was pretty innocent compared to all that.

So what's my problem here? Wear what you want on a plane, that's fine. But I've flown Southwest. It's gross. Short skirts hike up when you sit down, so you're basically sitting on nothing but airline upholstery with no protective layer of clothing. And there is NO WAY I would want to expose that particular part of my anatomy to an airplane seat that hasn't been cleaned in 5 years. Hygiene people! Nasty stuff happens on planes, you don't want that touching your clothes, let alone your... you know.

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