Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wow. Just... Wow.

It has been over 2 MONTHS since I wrote ANYTHING in this blog. 2 MONTHS! That is insane. I'm on the internet every day, and yet I can't churn out one teensy little post? Shoot, last year I was signed up for NaBloPoMo and I posted every single day for a month. Every DAY! 2 Months is inexcusable. I don't even have a really good excuse, except for maybe a couple:

1. My boss at work quit. Her boss put me in charge of the team.
2. I eventually got her job. Big fat promotion for this Heather but let me tell you it has been one weird adjustment
3. I'm back on the dental train of fun.
4. I've developed a serious plan to get rid of some debt. All that's left to do now is implement the plan... I've been reading a lot of personal finance blogs.
5. There was a lot of TV to sort through in September with all those new shows coming out. The final viewing schedule looks something like this:
Monday: Heroes (finally starting to get cool again)
Tuesday: House. If that's not on, I usually get sucked into The Biggest Loser.
Wedndesday: Ghosthunters, followed by Life. I had such high hopes for Bionic Woman, but I'm bored to death. This is going to be tough when Project Runway starts up again this week.
Thursday: Grey's Anatomy. I don't answer the phone between 8:00 and 9:00 on Thursdays. I would love all of this on DVD. (This has suddenly turned into a Christmas list!) I usually end up talking to the TV during this show. NO! WAY! I also love The Office, but I can wait and watch it online or something.
Friday: MHM loves Stargate Atlantis (admittedly, I have gotten sucked in). We also love The Soup. Soooo funny.
Saturday: Sometimes SNL. Sometimes not. Whatever. I love the digital shorts.
Sunday: IRON CHEF! This is a very important show. I'm a big Alton Brown fan.
Okay, so you can see how all of this very important TV watching has really cut into my blogging time. :) Part of my financial plan is to cut back to limited basic cable. Sometimes I'm okay with this. Sometimes not. I need to just shut up and do it. If I set a goal for when I can get more channels back, I'll probably pay my debt down faster. You know, deprive myself and then get rewarded.
6. MHM and I are still trading off weekends. Not too bad. Until I get lonely in the middle of the week. Then it sucks.
7. Our corporate office has designed new software for product development. I'm heading up the implementation at the local office. It's a big hairy deal, and I'm traveling quite a bit.
8. The holidays are coming. I guess I need to start... preparing? Yes, certainly need to get on that.

But, that being said, I'm going to make a better effort to blog more. I have fun doing it, but I sorta need to, um, DO IT. Look at all of the post ideas just in this one list!


Heather Meadows said...

YOU LIVE!!!!!!!!

Great to see you blogging again :)

Dayle said...

About. Damn. Time.