Wednesday, July 11, 2007


(So, I realized today that my post about sleeping pills followed by a cryptic silence probably isn't cool, but then I realized that there are only 2 people who read this blog, so it doesn't matter. Both of them know I'm alive.)

Am I too old to like Plain White T's Hey There Delilah? It's a great song, but I'm feeling like I should be about, oh, 15 years younger when I listen to it. However, I still love it and I'm thinking about getting the CD, the rest of which will sound nothing like this song.

I stop myself from doing lots of things that are probably (okay, completely) age inappropriate given that I will be 30 in 2 years. For instance, sneakers with skulls on them. I LOVE THEM. So cute, so fun, so, I don't know, girly-piratey, but do I really need to be a girly-pirate right now? NO. This is appropriate from MHM's niece but she if four years old and obsessed with Disney princesses and the color pink and being bossy. You just know she's going to be THAT girl one day. She's a powerhouse. Black skulls on her pink shoes? No problem.

Other age inappropriate stuff? Fun hair junk like barrettes, bows, clips, headbands, etc. Also, all of that really bright jewelry at Target that is about 2 degrees shy of 1985. (I did buy some wooden beady earrings from that collection, but they're navy and I don't know how they got included but they are super-cute.) T-shirts with fun, abstract prints on them that say random things like "Moon Sky Glow" in such a distorted print it takes you two days to get that those are actually WORDS on there.

My biggest temptation is makeup. Oh the glittery, sparkley, bright, fun, makeup! Eyeshadow with chucks of glitter bigger than my eye? COOL! Lime green nail polish! SCORE! I never wear the stuff, but it is sooo pretty. The colors are great if I do end up making the mistake of buying $5 worth of Wet N Wild, I can usually work it into a collage or something (NOT on my face). Maybe I have more of a color addiction with makeup than an acting my age problem....

The point? There was no point. Just imagining walking into work with my hair in a bow that matches my electric teal earrings which go so nicely with the kitten-toe heels featuring chains and skull charms. RIGHT. I don't even wear kitten heels.


Heather Meadows said...

LOL :)

My best friend is in her 30s and wouldn't give up her "age inappropriate" attire for anything. Of course, she worked in an IT department before she moved to England, so she could sort of get away with less "normal" attire. She's a little punky and would love shoes with skulls on them--actually, I think she has some of those. She also used to dye her hair very interesting colors, but she's toned that down.

I don't really know anything about fashion, while she is a little nuts about it. She's always making comments about the clothes people are wearing. (Since I'm her friend, I'm sure she doesn't talk about my clothes behind my back, but I'm sure she THINKS something...actually, she has raised an eyebrow at me before ;>)

I assume someone who is aware of fashion thinking that slightly punky or "kiddie" style choices are okay in your 30s means that they are actually okay. But who knows!

Me, I just dress in a very boring way, off the rack with no accessories and very little makeup. And I often wear sneakers. The horror!

craziasian said...

i heard that song at the gym the other day and i definitely was like transported to my 16 year old self and imagining myself making out with the lead singer in the back of parent's car. oh, the good old days.

point being, i'm 25 and also love this song.