Friday, June 22, 2007

Sweet Sweet Sleep

So, remember my last post? The one right under this one? Yes, right down there. Well, in case you didn't read between the lines, I've been a touch stressed lately. Normally stress manifests itself in panic attacks and upset stomachs, and trouble falling asleep. This time, the sleep thing has been front and center, and for the past couple of weeks my sleep pattern has been all fucked up. Forget falling asleep. Instead I've just been laying there (lying there? I forget) staring at the ceiling or reading and wondering when sleep will come. I'm way too used to insomnia to try to will myself to sleep, or think positive, or look at clocks. I have tried Tylenol PM (didn't really work), some other prescription stuff from when I've been sick- that so did not work.

So yesterday I went to the doctor. I was all prepared to give him all of my symptoms and tell him why things have been stressful which is probably why the sleeping is so hard. He came waltzing into the exam room, asked me a couple of questions. Asked me what I tried, and then said, "Hey, have you tried Ambien?" Uhhh, nope hadn't tried that. "Weeelll then! Let's get you some Ambien!" He scribbled something on the pad, muttered something about a sleep study if things don't improve, and off I went, after asking responsible questions about side effects and addiction.

That was WAY too easy. Why didn't I do this before? Last night I crawled into bed, took my pill, and after a few minutes noticed that the "popcorn" on the ceiling was doing some really fun pretty designs all by itself, and then 9 hours later woke up feeling... rested! It was a damn MIRACLE. I actually went to work and didn't feel like I was falling asleep all day. YES!

So, I won't be taking it again until next week, if I need it. I sure won't be abusing it. I hate taking anything even for a headache, let alone sleeping pills because to tell the truth they scare me. But I can't tell you what a relief it was to get sleep last night for the first time in a weeks. I think I can handle everything else a little better now.

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