Monday, July 16, 2007

Space and Rocket Center is going NUTS!

angle, originally uploaded by sassymedusa.

Whew! Take a look at that monster Saturn V just sitting there next to the interstate in Huntsville AL. I can't even tell you how big the thing is (yeah, that's a blue and white BUS sitting in front of it). I was going to get pictures at night, hopefully the side of the building will still be open next time I'm in Alabama and I can get some dramatic light going on in there. I just love how it looks. I was driving down the interstate and minding my own business when all of the sudden a rocket in pieces is practically sitting on the side of the road. How cool is that?

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Heather Meadows said...

LOL! Is that the one that's usually at the welcome center?

*fondly remembers her arrival to Huntsville for college* Man, it was neat to stop for a break and see a huge rocket :>

I was thinking recently about how it looks when you first go into Huntsville, too, with the sudden downhill and the purple mountains in the background...I never really saw that view much, given where UAH was located, but it was awesome the first time.

It was only later that I noticed a distinct lack of trees, which was pretty depressing. But it was cool up in the mountains.

I haven't been back to Huntsville since dropping out after that first year...been thinking about a visit, though.