Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Delving Into the Psyche

Whenever I hear certain songs I am reminded of certain times in my life. I don't know if other people do this, but when I get a CD that I love, I listen to it obsessively for a time (time varies by album), maybe weeks or months. And then I'm through with it and almost never listen to it again. I am sure this will reveal deep dark secrets about my innermost darkest secretivest self.

Starting Super-Young
Anything by James Taylor, Carol King, John Denver, Judi Collins, etc.
My parents completely missed any sort of 70s disco music. They were stuck in the 60s. Unfortunately they were born about a decade too late to really live the 60s life, but they wished they hadn't missed it. As a result, I am completely 70s/80s-music stupid. It drives my friends CRAZY. "Who is this, Heather?" "I don't know...." "GUH! HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS??? It's Michael Jackson!!!!!" is a very typical conversation for me.

The Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserabl├ęs
I know all of the words. This is how I entertain myself on long car trips. TRY ME. Also, Miss Saigon, Sunset Boulevard, Cats, RENT, and basically any other big dramatic musical. And/or rock opera.

Watermark- Enya
My dad played this a lot when I was 11 or 12. It reminds me of being 11 or 12. I LOVED being 11 or 12.

Pet Shop Boys
I got this at the airport in Schipol when I was 15 on the day my family moved back to the US (we nearly missed the plane). I listened to it all the time. I don't know why I loved it- but then I've always been a sucker for dance music.

Breakfast at Tiffany's- Deep Blue Something
Dance With Me- Intrigue
Roll to Me- Del Amitri
These singles were playing in the car for MONTHS when I was 16 or 17 or maybe 18. One hit wonders, but they were so happy.

BitterSweet Symphony- Verve
This was really popular when I lived in England. It was the automatic play on the jukebox in the University of London Union cafeteria, where I was always meeting up with my friends. I think I spent more time journal writing there than I did working for tube passes. That year the song from "Whistle Down the Wind" was a huge hit on the radio but the musical was a gigantic flop. "Ray of Light" was really popular that year as well.

Angels- Robbie Williams.
Oh boy there is way too much wrapped up in this one song to really get into. It is devastating.

Flood- They Might Be Giants
Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't My Baby (by anybody)
The Eels
Synchronicity- The Police
All of these remind me of a particular ex-boyfriend. Especially "Birdhouse In Your Soul"- that still makes me sort of sad. Looking back I wish I could have smacked younger me in the head and told her to snap out of it.

Home- The Dixie Chicks
This CD makes me sort of meloncholy and reminds me of a very bad breakup (see above). "Home" and "Top of the World" are my top 2 picks on this one. I love the Dixie Chicks, but I only have 2 albums. This one is my favorite of all of them, although I would like to get Fly. And Wide Open Spaces. Hmmmm....

My best friend gave this to me and I listened to it for months. Then I replaced it with:

The Killers
Reminds me of driving around NC with a guy not even worth mentioning. We just listened to a lot of music. He was a jerk other than his good musical taste.

Eye to the Telescope- KT Tunstall
Sam and I sort of discovered this together. I love this CD. Partly because she is so musically gifted and partly because of Sam.

Infinity On High- Fall Out Boy
The current favorite. I LOVE THIS. (Right now.)

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