Friday, April 06, 2007


My office was closed today in honor of Good Friday. I'm a heathen without children, so this works out well for me. There is no shopping for last minute Easter basket goods, no pressing of Easter dresses, no shopping for an Easter dinner, no dyeing eggs and/or hiding them, and no figuring out what to wear. This last one might sound weird, but in my Fair City in the South it was SNOWING today. Little frilly dresses and hats aren't going to work on Easter morning- it's going to be 26 degrees on Sunday.

So I spent the day thusly:

6:30 am: Slammed the alarm clock against the wall repeatedly until it gave up. I have been bribing myself into getting up this week by saying "Heather, you get to sleep in on Friday, so get your ass out of bed today!" like this is any big bargaining tool with myself. It hasn't really worked, but I still was going to sleep in this morning come hell or high water. I'm TIRED people!

10:30 until 10:45 am: Wondered what time it was. Dug around on the floor for my cellphone and considered getting up. Hunger pangs finally drove me out of bed.

10:45 until 11:15: Ate breakfast, read email, watched Food Network.

11:15 am until 12:00: Prepped & primed a bookcase. I made this bookcase when I was around 12 or 13. It sits next to my bed. Since I was 15 or so I has been electric blue and all of the edges have been bright yellow. This no longer really works with the oh-so-grown up green/cream/butter yellow color scheme around here, so it's getting a nice coat of white. Just like I did to my dresser about 6 months ago. I'm considering painting the other cheap bookcases white, but this seems like a lot of work. The current project is only 3 feet high.

12:00 pm until 2:00 pm: Dug out three years worth of credit card statements/payment history and put it all in an Excel spreadsheet. I am poor. I have a lot (A LOT) of debt. (Credit cards, student loans, car payment. I know I'm not alone here.) Now I have a way to keep track of how much interest they're charging me and what my finance charges are. I can't BELIEVE I didn't pay attention to this stuff from the beginning. I mean, I was keeping track of this last year but then there was the great Computer Crash of '06 and I never got around to keeping track again. Now I'm on it. I will be calling a couple of companies and demanding better treatment. At the beginning there was a weird statement where they were charging me interest on double my balance. Why is that? Why did I not catch that and call? I berated my younger, stupider self for no paying close attention. People really just want your money. Don't let them take it without a fight.

2:00 pm until 3:00 pm: Had a go at the flipped over side of the bookcase with more primer. Took a shower. Did some dishes.

4:00 pm until 5:00 pm: Went to get the mail and put gas in my car. Wee ha! Called everyone I know to tell them that my apartment complex did not burn down and that my birthday boxes are begging to be opened.

5:00 to present: Started grading student homework. This is really where I am now. It is really dull stuff.

My 28th birthday is on Easter. This is now not so much Easter Sunday as Heather's Birthday!!! and Easter. Just so everyone knows where the priorities are. I'm not sure what the celebration is going to be, lately I've just been excited about sleeping in for three days in a row. Maybe Sam and I will devour some great Mexican food and then nap it off for the rest of the day. Expectations sure do slide the closer 30 lurks.

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