Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nice Ass Though....

Today Sam and I were in Walmart for the essentials- you know, razors, underwear, banana pudding ingredients. The usual. In the produce section we witnessed the following bit of conversation:
Manager: My daughter's supposed to come in today, have you seen her?
Produce Guy: Yeah, I think so... was she with a friend?
M: Well there are two of them.
PG: How old are they?
M: Uh, one of them is 16 and one is 17.
PG: Yeah, I saw her earlier.
M: Great. (He starts walking away.)
PG: I mean, I was looking at her or anything sir, you know. I just saw her....


Heather Meadows said...

Ha :>

sandra said...

Love it. Very Growing Pains (Mike Seaver tended to accidentally confess things, I think)