Sunday, February 18, 2007


I went on a business trip to the middle of Mexico last week, and here were the good things:

1. Mexican food- namely beans, cheese, more cheese, and fantastic steak. ("So good you'd slap your grandma. Twice!")
2. El Christo de las Noas. Waaaay up in the mountains where John Wayne movies were filmed. It is a very peaceful place. They're still building a lot of it.
3. The people. Mexicans are some of the friendliest people I've ever met.
4. Catching a mistake that would potentially have cost my company over $60,000.
5. The beautiful weather. 80 degrees of dry desert heat. In February. Awesome.

The bad things:

1. The smell of Mexico in the early mornings could knock you clear off your feet. I heard rumors of a sewage treatment plant "issue".
2. The traffic. Insanity! It really puts offensive driving skills to the test. I couldn't drive down there (visitors aren't insured for company cars), but you just give me a chance and I would be great at it.
3. I was on doctor-ordered antibiotics the whole time. Ick.
4. I missed my sweetie.
5. The poverty. Even a few of the people who work in our factories live in cardboard houses, and when managers tell me the wages are "really good for Mexico" I wonder what that means exactly. The drive up to El Christo was through a neighborhood that started out okay, but progressively got worse until there was no electricity or doors on the houses, just curtains. And the houses were piles of stones that were so haphazard I wasn't sure it WAS a house until someone walked out of it.

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