Monday, February 19, 2007


This may be the nerdiest post I've ever written. But the time has come for me to rant about Battlestar Galactica, and how disjointed the show has become this season. I wish that they would go back to the main characters that I cared anything about, instead of fracturing the story with all of these supporting characters and sub-plots. Not only does it get confusing, but I lose focus and then I just don't care. Why the filler episode last night? Do they really have nothing to say before building up to a cliff-hanger of a season finale? I want to see small stories concluded, and I'd like to see pacing pick up more. My main points:
  • Bring back not only Six stuck in Baltar's head, but Baltar stuck in Six's head. And not for 2 minutes. That was one of the most entertaining reversals on the show.
  • Starbuck is way stronger and better than she's allowed to be this season. First she starts as some Cylon's prisoner, and I think she lost her spark. She does best drunk and/or angry and/or flying. She's a great pilot. Don't get her bogged down in romance or affairs.
  • Dualla- again, way too strong to stand by and let Lee act like an idiot.
  • Gaeta? What's the deal with him? When will this be revealed? He nearly killed Baltar, and I want to know what went down on New Caprica.
  • What the heck happened to the Eye of Jupiter/Temple stuff? Are they ever getting any closer to finding earth?
  • I do not care much about Sharon and Helo, or Cally and Cheif Tyrol. These characters get in the way of the real story.
  • Personally I think that the whole New Caprica plotline on BSG might have messed up the entire series. There was a huge jump, a lot of the relationships changed, and I'm not feeling entertained anymore. I'm feeling cheated.

There, nerd-rant over.

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