Friday, June 14, 2013

It's BACK!

I took the blog down for a while, because, well, it got to be a burden.  The guilt.  Of not blogging. 

Oh come on Heather, it's just a blog.

Today I had deep thoughts to share.  For those of you with long hair (I had to stop myself from limiting the question to the ladies, because some men have very healthy heads of long delicious hair.  They are basically undatable because how vain does a dude have to be to have long hair and UGH.  So annoying.  But I digressed.  Look at that, the first big paragraph and she's tangential.  Wait for it, I'm about to ask deep questions.)  how often do you brush your hair?  I brush mine in the morning, and in the evening, and before I wash it just so it doesn't get as tangled up.  Otherwise I pretty much ignore it, until it's all up in my face, and then I pull it back in a ponytail and ignore it again.  This is how my hair gets really long because I'm not paying attention.

Anyway, I have a shit-ton of hair and it falls out all the time.  And sticks to whatever clothes I'm wearing.  And drives me nuts.  And it occurs to me that maybe if I brushed it more often, it wouldn't fall out so much.

Yes, I have been on this planet for 34 years and just now figuring out how to maintain my hair.

Another deep thought, I sort of hate those Tone It Up Girls. Do you know who I'm talking about.  They're all about health and wellness and sell a lifetime membership to their workouts and nutrition plans.  I don't have the membership, but a very very nice friend shared some of their info with me, because she's nice like that.

So last night I was attempting to do this video.

Which is SO HARD.  And I got through one rotation and I was like okay that's enough for today.  Holy cow.

I wonder if these girls are the real deal.  Some of their advice is HIGHLY suspect, and maybe they're just genetically blessed.  Also, everyone looks better with a tan.  Maybe that's the secret.  Or maybe they really do drink kale juice and do 1,000 planks a day. 

Glow glow sparkle glow.

Anyway, that's it from me for today.

Heather, Out.

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