Thursday, May 05, 2011

Feathering My Nest

Over the past couple of weeks I have been in a major home maintenance/upgrade/organizing mood. I cleaned out the cabinet under the sink. I cleaned out the storage closet behind my condo. My dad came up and we replaced the kitchen faucet, and an outdoor light. He brought his pressure washer with him, and I went nuts cleaning off the deck. That was one of the grosser jobs:

Ewwwwwww, all that green and black stuff actually COMES OFF!?!?!??!

I put up a bunch of cable racetrack to conceal cords from when I moved my living room furniture around. I replaced the toilet seat in the powder room with one of those fancy ones that closes softly (I have one in my upstairs bathroom and was constantly catching myself nearly slamming the lid down in the downstairs bathroom). The second day of pressure washing I bravely went under my deck and hooked up my new hose. Then a holder was installed for that in a much more convenient location. Last night I put together a shelf for DVDs that will get some of the clutter away from the TV.

Lately it's been all about de-cluttering and making things work better for me- right down to moving lights around and reconfiguring furniture. The other day I flipped my couch over to secure some of the lining underneath it from where Stella keeps catching it in her paws when she loses her toys under there.

I planted flowers.


I even got started on an emergency kit to keep in a closet somewhere. Just in case.

So what the hell has brought on this period of nest feathering? I figured it out on the phone with my mom last night.

I blame the news. There's been a lot of bad scary news lately. Tornadoes and flooding all over the place. Terrorists killed and sensationalized in a way that makes me worry about retaliation. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear meltdowns in Japan.The more bad news I hear the bigger the urge to have a place of safety and comfort. (I actually re-arranged all of that furniture on a night when we had really bad storms and the power went out for 5 hours.)

Next up: sealing my deck now that it's all clean and algae free. And then re-setting some pavers below my deck. And then re-painting the outside storage closet. And then, and then, and then....

I think I need to learn to chill. Tonight I won't do anything home-related (okay, I will vacuum out the bathroom fan because it's making a weird noise since my dad was looking at it and huge chucks of dust keep coming out of it). I will sit around in my pjs and play with Stella and watch Thursday night TV. I've been making my condo and home and now it is time to take a break and enjoy it.

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