Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The problem is that I do care. I care a great deal, about many things, one of which is my job, which is so out of control right now that I'm thinking maybe I'll dump my entire to-do stack into the trash and start over. When people start screaming I'll know I've missed a priority.

Various messages from the universe today.

6:30 am Wake up.
No 3G network on my phone. No texting, messaging, weather, or traffic report.

7:52 am Driving
On the way to work it's still cloudy, for the billionth day in a row. Will we ever see sunshine again??? (I don't know, I couldn't get the weather on my phone!)

8:15 am At work
"HEATHER! WE HATE YOUR PROCESS FORM AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO USE IT! FIX IT! Also, we're not going to help your department even though we know it is completely overwhelmed and overworked. Suck it."

9:00 am In my brain

9:15 am At work
"Heather, my grandmother died today and I'm going to have to fly across the country to attend her funeral. I might miss several days of work."

9:20 am At work

9:30 am At work
"Heather, I need information that only that one employee knows how to get and he's out on vacation for a week. AND I NEED IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW."

9:52 am At work

10:15 am At work
BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG Did I mention there's construction happening 1 floor above my office? BANG!

10:30 am Still at work...
"I am retiring and my last day is Friday but I'm going to be out sick for the next 3 days and here's the info you need- it's in this little notebook and all handwritten with tabs. Part of it is in code- here's the key. Good luck!!!"

10:45 am HOME- YAY!
Home to see my puppy. She won't make my day suck more!

11:00 am Big Life Stuff
Realized that even after meeting my neighbors 2 day old baby last night and holding him for 45 minutes, I still feel zero desire to have children. This has messed up my paradigm big time.

12:00 pm At work
Putting together a list of numbers for someone who needs it NOW. This has pushed all of my other priorities back. Great. My crystal ball shows me working Saturday.

12:35 pm Scheduling....
I was supposed to take a storm spotter training class tomorrow night. It has been canceled due to you... you guessed it, predicted severe weather. Hello Southern Spring! It's so nice to see that your thunder and flooding and tornadoes are back in action.

1:00 pm At work
I never thought I was capable of having a full blown nervous breakdown before.... But it can't be too far off.

2:14 pm At work
The expense report I filed with accounts payable 2 weeks ago never got paid to the credit card company and somehow that's MY FAULT?

2:45 pm Big Life Stuff
My friend is being aggressively treated for cancer and her white blood cell count has plummeted. This makes me sad and scared. Cancer SUCKS.

3:30 pm Finances
Call on my cell phone from a collections agency. DO WHAT???? This is a first. I called them back and it was minor- I got a new debit card and the place that handles my gym membership needed the new expiration date. Crisis averted.

But I have to admit that after all that it is now an okay day. Stella had a vet appointment (and oh boo hoo I had to leave work early to get there), which went great. She looks good, her grownup teeth are coming in, and she's 21.2 lbs at 3 1/2 months. For some reason I thought she was closer to 4 months.... Who knows how big this dog is going to get? She's done with all of her puppy shots and I got a full supply of heart worm medicine for the next six months. I just love this puppy to pieces!

Puppies make everything better!!!!

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