Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hump Day (A Cranky Rant)

Doesn't that just make you grimace? Hump day? Are we still allowed to use that phrase without being arrested or cited by the FTC? Is the FTC the one that fines people for vulgarity on TV? Or is that the FCC? Who fined Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction???

All of these questions could be answered by Google.

Today has been kind of BLURGH. First of all, at work there is a limited amount of covered parking so it is rotated to all seven or eight hundred employees on a monthly basis. So I basically get a month of covered parking about twice a year.

Yesterday was my last day of covered parking until May or so. :( I miss it. I had to walk into work from the back parking lot with all the other commoners. And it was 32 degrees out and windy. Tragic.

Then shortly after that I had to sit in an HR training/lecturing class for four hours. There were very long discussions about metrics and measuring success in your employees and giving feedback... oh, I'm sorry. I think my brain fell out of my skull and ran away. At least they fed us lunch.

After that I was supposed to go to a State of the Business meeting (SNOOOOOOOOZE) but instead I went to see my Little Sister (of the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters variety) at school. It was a way better use of my time! We played a new game on my phone- a BIG hit with a 6th grader.

For some unknown reason my face has gotten pretty oily in the past year or so, which is freaking me out. I am used to dry skin, and I know how to care for it. Oily skin is confusing! And my bangs get all greasy and gross! I've been using those Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets and I'm almost to the end of a pack and when you get that far the little tape thingy on the flap that is supposed to pull out one at a time fails. Let's face it- the tape is tired. So I try to pull them out with my fingers and actually drag out about 5 at a time. Those little boogers are hard to separate!

I went to Bath & Body Works over the weekend (they always have amazing Christmas sales) and they have this scent called Twisted Peppermint that I am having a love/hate relationship with. I think I'd like for my house to smell like it, but I'm not sure about my body smelling like "Peppermint, White Sugar, and a touch of Vanilla." Do I really want to smell like a candy cane? YES. OCCASIONALLY. (The most important part of this to ponder: does white sugar have a smell?) These smell exactly like those soft peppermint candies that look like the hard ones but aren't. Got it?

Oh oh OH! And I broke my toe last weekend because I am super coordinated and tripped up my own stairs. BRILLIANT. Because I am generally a nice person I am not going to post pictures of my purple and blue toenail and bruises. That's just gross.

So now I'm just limping everywhere with my foot stuffed into a boot (because it's the only shoe that doesn't make me want to cry) (however, my sock keeps sneaking down past my heel and that's making me kind of crazy), with oily bangs, smelling like a candy cane cupcake.

Happy December! It only gets better from here! Someone pointed out there are really only 2 weeks of actual WORK this month, so maybe I'll be less cantankerous soon.

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