Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My Bed. And Shoes. And Other Important Stuff.

So it's been almost a year since I got my mattress set and I have to tell you, I am still completely in love with it. Not a night goes by that I don't snuggle up under my soft blanket and crisp cotton sheets and mutter to myself "Oh my God I love my bed."

My mattress still feels brand new, and I rotate it regularly (it's a pillow top so it doesn't get flipped). The guy at the mattress store warned me that my body would make impressions in the padding over time, and that it was totally normal, but that hasn't happened (yet). I don't have a foam topper on it anymore, but I did put on a fabric allergy cover since I am the queen of allergies these days. (I just found out I probably have a mild latex allergy or sensitivity or whatever in addition to everything else... go figure.)

While I was on vacation Zappos kindly sent me an email reminding me that I bought a pair of sneakers one year ago. And they still have it in stock in my size if mine are totally worn out and in a state of sneaker sadness. Is that some brilliant marketing or what??? I don't wear those sneakers that often, so they are in great shape and I'm not going to be reordering. But it did make me pause- maybe they were getting a little worn and I should just click that convenient link and get another pair. Sheer genius.

Speaking of shoes, I have recently acquired 4 NEW PAIRS. Seeing as I have been wearing cute and comfy strappy Teva flip-flops basically all summer (which is fine because I have 4 pairs of them that I just rotate), my standards for shoes have gone way up. I had to wear my basic black dress pumps last week, and they are brutally uncomfortable and my heel comes out of the back of one of them and it just made me feel totally unorganized and unpolished, which is exactly the opposite of what I was going for. I wanted to be classy and effortless, and instead I was walking like an 8th grader at her first formal. The problem with my feet is that I have really high arches and I need shoes that have excellent arch support or all of my weight is on the ball of my foot and then my toes get smashed and then I am miserable. Another issue is that I wear a size 10-1/2 shoe, but not many brands make that size. So usually I buy 11s and fix them up with Foot Petals, which make them really comfortable too.

So when I was in DC I got a pair of Aerosoles pumps with a 2" heel that feel like slippers. When I tried them on I was so amazed at how comfortable they were that I grabbed a pair in my sister's size and threw them to her and demanded she try them on. She bought them too. While we were there I also found a pair of sporty Aerosoles flats on super clearance that I can still wear to the office (it's a casual workplace). I think between the two of us D and I tried on every shoe in DSW. On another shopping excursion we went to Nordstrom Rack where I tried on some Sofft pumps and they were awesome, except they were wide and my feet definitely aren't. So I found some on and had them delivered to my house. HEAVEN in the form of shoes! Last, but definitely not least, I got a pair of Born strappy gladiator-ish style sandals that I can't wait to wear with a long flowy skirt for maximum hippy styling.

I'm still reading Gone With The Wind (I'm a fast reader but it comes in at over 1000 pages- it is a REALLY LONG BOOK) and it is definitely on my top 10 list of awesome literature. It is so good that I dragged the thing up to DC with me to read on the plane- all 10 lbs of it or whatever. If you're looking for good long engrossing Michener-style historical fiction to get completely immersed in, I highly recommend it. I have a feeling that it gives a good description of what the south actually felt like for former plantation owners during Reconstruction. There is no comparison to the movie- there is a lot that gets glossed over in the movie because censorship was such a big deal in Hollywood back in the 1930s, and some that is just left out entirely. HOWEVER, if you plan to read it, you have to remember that this takes place in the old south and they're going to use racial slurs left right and center (literally, every single page) so consider yourself warned.

In other very exciting news in the life of this particular Heather, it's September which means that some places (I'm looking at you Starbucks) are starting to serve up pumpkin flavored treats which is just my favorite thing ever. I love fall. The air gets crisp and I can wear sweaters and open the windows to air out the house (it is pretty stuffy in here) and the leaves get pretty and I can sit on the deck again and there's pumpkin coffee and bread and muffins and cheesecake and beer and it's just so exciting! Unfortunately, fall is a big fat joke around here right now because it was in the 90s yesterday- but MAYBE that was the last of the 90s for a while. MAYBE it will cool off enough that I can open a bedroom window at night. This has been one insanely hot summer, so everyone is looking forward to some cooler weather.

And now I'm off to read some more and maybe watch "Mad Men". I decided to start watching the whole series again from the beginning. I finally saw "A Single Man" last week and that movie was absolutely positively GORGEOUS. (That's not too much of a brain trail- a lot of Mad Men people were involved in the production of A Single Man.) I loved how the light changed a little when George's mood lifted- everything got a little brighter when he was either dragged out of his depression for a minute or when things reminded him of the past. And count on Tom Ford to produce the most beautiful shots of beautiful men I have ever seen. It is rare these days that my attention is held through an entire movie and I don't do anything else (knit, paint my toenails, etc) while I'm watching it. But this one had me spellbound the whole way through. Sidenote- I just IMDB'd this movie and I cannot believe that the absolutely drop dead gorgeous Nicholas Hunt who played Kenny is the same awkward kid in About A Boy. You really just never know what kids will grow up to look like.

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