Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have no idea what's gotten into me in the past day or two. I guess I've been out of town and stuff so much (and there was a weekend where I watched countless episodes of "Life" on Hulu- I loooooved that show) that my condo hit the limit of acceptable living conditions (messy, not dirty) in the mind of this particular Heather. Yesterday I sat at my desk and started a list of crap that I needed to do. Like laundry. And dusting. Pesky household and life maintenance stuff.
Then a friend invited me to dinner and I ate a ton of food (seriously I don't know what's gotten into me lately- maybe it's all the fruit I've been eating, but when I get hungry I am HUNGRY), and had a drink, and thought maybe I'd just hold off on the list until the next day, but then when I got home I was like a human tornado.
I did two loads of laundry. I cleaned my bedroom and put things away. I scrubbed both bathrooms, restocked the towels and toilet paper and cotton balls and q-tips. (And in the process I discovered Sno-Bol toilet cleaner and that stuff is the BOMB. I have had rust stains on one of my toilet bowls since I moved in and no amount of scrubbing or soaking with Lysol toilet cleaner would get it off- and Sno-Bol took it off within 5 minutes. It's probably pure hydrochloric acid and terrible for the environment but wow does that shit work.) I scrubbed the kitchen. I threw out a lot of stuff. I got the recycling organized, gathered up library books, portioned out snacks to take to work.... Seriously when I get an energy rush like that I just do everything I can before I give out.
Today I got the emissions test done on my car, renewed my tags, took those books to the library (and got more- I've been on a reading kick lately), made an appointment to get my brakes replaced, put gas in the car, and paid bills- most of that on my lunch break. Tonight I will vacuum and scrub the kitchen floor and dust and clean my makeup brushes and then- THEN- I will feel like all is right with my world again.
Despite all of this running around this has been a freaking great day. I just feel so much better about things when my house and life are in order. Like I can focus on the big stuff because the little things aren't on my mind. There is a certain amount of freedom in organization.

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