Friday, June 04, 2010

Do As I Say....

So today I was perusing the blogs I read regularly- and they're over there to the right in a great big list if you're interested in perusing them too- and I was like WOW some people really don't update much.
Ha ha.
I really enjoy writing. My problem is a lack of focus on subject matter. And then I get all like "Ohhhh, should I blog about that? Then my blog will be even MORE random and themeless (as if that were even possible)." So I usually write about it anyway. Not everything I write gets posted- and you would thank me for that if you knew what sort of drivel flows out of these fingers and into a keyboard and onto the screen. Nope, you, dear reader, get the best of the best of what I write. Unless I'm getting worked up over politics. Then I will rant away and post it because dammit everyone NEEDS TO LISTEN.
The other day I was at lunch with some co-workers and the oil spill came up in conversation and somebody kept saying "Well I don't see Obama doing anything about it."
Do what?
Is the president supposed to be some super geological engineer on top of everything else he's suppose to do? That still doesn't make sense to me. I like that President Obama knows how to delegate- he leaves it to the experts. Doesn't mean he's not angry over what has happened, but he's got a lot on his plate, and he doesn't need to get in the way.
Okay, that wasn't even a political RANT, but I'm done.
I think it's funny that I don't have many political blogs in my blogroll, but I do read a lot of political commentary. No, my blogroll is for fun, so I have a lot of fashion blogs, home decorating, food and cooking, crafting, and a couple that are mostly about life. But it is REALLY heavy on the fashion. I love to see what other people are wearing and how, because it makes me adventurous in my own style.
One other thing to share. My friend Dan (an internet friend who I've never actually met but have been talking to online for YEARS) sent me an excellent video about copyright protection and fashion (or, as he calls it just to get under my skin, "clothes-making"). This was really good stuff about my industry, and I learned a lot! I hope you like it!


Dr. J.D. said...

Hey Heather,
Let me first of all say that I 100% agree about the Obama thing. I don't like the man, but what the hell is he supposed to do about the oil spill? It was BP's fault AND they were going to try to clean it up. I don't think he's obliged to do anything considering he isn't the CEO or COO of that company.

Second of all, what do I have to do to get mine in on that blog listing of yours?

Talk to you later.

jason dapper

Heather said...

Well JD you have to beg, plead, grovel, shower me with gifts, and impress the heck out of me. Or wait until my next blogroll update, whichever comes first. Good luck!