Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Books

I work in a big office building. There are many floors, but my company takes up most of them. We have a cafeteria just for our employees, which should give you an idea of how many people work here.
I spent the morning making loads of copies for a lot of different reasons- meetings, things to pass along to my team, all that officey type stuff. Most of what I had to copy was 30+ pages long, so I spent a lot of time sort of vaguely gazing into space and pretty bored. We have a lot of HR notices on a bulletin board- things like the Employee Assistance Program phone numbers and how to lift heavy boxes and ergonomics at your desk. Snooze.
We also have a box of free books. It's one of those situations where you put in a book or take a book or whatever. I'm not sure that many people pay a lot of attention to it as there is a Dean Koontz book that has been in there for YEARS. I glanced down in there today and saw a series of books. But they were all by different authors so that was weird.
Title #1- The Virgin's Seduction
Oh YEAH these are straight up Harlequin romance novels, and I knew I had to get my hands on them. But there was NO WAY I was going to walk down the hall with a stack of books called things like "Bought By Her Husband" so I needed a plan.
My Mission, and yes I totally chose to accept it, was the sneak those trashy books out of the copier room and down to my office. Without anyone knowing, because how embarrassing would that be? "These? Oh. Ahahahha, these are for my, um, my friend. She likes dirty books. Okay gotta go."
I decided it was time to take my old documents to the shredding bins. I brought a file folder with me and casually dropped it on top of the book box. Then I quickly (while the room was empty) crammed my papers into the bins. I snatched my handful of books out of the box, put them in my recycling bin, dropped the folder on top, and hoofed it to my office.
And so, dear reader, I am going to start a new series for my blog. I am afraid that you will feel left out if I keep these 6 books to myself so I am going to review every single one of them. I am hoping, and expecting, that they will have words like "throbbing", "supple", "turgid", "globes","manhood", and "engorged". And they should be used in combination and yes, I will share those phrases with you.
I am just a good friend like that.
Is there a Harlequin Romance Drinking Game? Because if there isn't... there should be!
PS Bought By Her Husband has 2 stars on amazon! This is going to be good stuff! DO NOT MISS IT!