Saturday, October 17, 2009

These Days (otherwise known as "October")

Tonight at the grocery store to get ingredients for beef stew this guy came around the corner with his cart and nearly smashed into me. Instead of being apologetic or anything he was all "Hi! How are you tonight?!" And I immediately thought he was either Mormon (as in not from here, from waaaaay out of town, and besides he had that Mormon look to him, all clean cut and whatnot, not to knock any Mormons but y'all do have a certain look to you, although he could have been a Disney employee...) or mentally challenged. Which had me snickering at my own callous nature through the entire produce section. Mormon or mentally challenged??? Heather that is terrible! Pave the way to hell with memories you can cherish while you're there.

I'm still sort of a real estate stress-case but at least things are getting down to deadlines. If I want to buy a house I have to close on it in 6 weeks or no house for me (I'm greedy/ TOTALLY SENSIBLE and I want the tax credit). Well that's sort of stressful now but at least I know that once I get to November 30th I'll either have a house or I won't. End of story. If I really want to get stuck in an 8th circle of hell my closing date will be moved past the 30th and then I'll be in all kinds of trouble. Maybe one day I'll talk about firing my realtor here, but probably not. I'm not that mean and I like to keep some imaginary level of anonymity here. (Hahahaha!) However, between that and travel and other things I have lost about 2 weeks on my home search.

This morning I woke up at 6:15 (I don't even wake up that early on a weekday, let alone the weekend) to go to the Home Buyer's Education Class I am required to take for the kind of loan I am going to get. I have to say that considering the thing started at 7:30 and went until 2:30, the facilitator really held my attention for 7 hours straight. Everyone who attended got a book full of information about the home buying process. Granted, the other night I read the entire "Home Buying for Dummies" cover to cover in 3 or 4 hours, so I knew a lot of what we were talking about, but I figure at this point it can't hurt to get as much information as possible. Oh, and I didn't really have a choice.

So, keep your fingers crossed that I will find something good really soon. I'm back to the Zillow/Google Maps/realtracs/Google searches on property that I was doing back in June. It is amazing what you can pull up when you Google a community.

Last weekend I was in DC marching for equal rights for GLBT people in this country who deserve the same benefits that I would have in a "traditional" (heterosexual) marriage. Here are some pictures!
It was definitely one of the most interesting events I've ever been to. There were tons of people, the weather was beautiful, and while there were some really decked out queens there, I also noticed a lot of kids marching with their parents (straight or gay) so there was a really nice calm family feel to the march. On the other hand, and I'm going to get some hate for this, I'm not sure that I can personally think that the number of college kids really "count" in a march like this. I sound so old and self-righteous, but I remember being in school and how cool it was to be part of a cause. And how cool it was to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex. You put those two together, along with the funds that kids from Princeton and other Ivy League colleges have and you have an instant recipe for a terrific turnout. But I think it sort of weakened the cause a little. That's just my opinion, I know that there are loads of people in college who know who they are and have their political views hammered out, but I know there are a lot who will jump at a cause, especially if it irritates their parents. I would have liked to see more people there over the age of 25. (But then part of me is like who cares if they meant it? They were there and increased the numbers! How is that bad? When did I become such a purist?) When you just get the word out through Facebook and other forms of social media, it doesn't get out to a broader audience. Hopefully that is something organizers will think about as they plan more events....

So things here are fine. I realized the other day that I need to just take charge of some things at work that no one really wants to take responsibility for, but are driving everyone nuts. I've been watching episodes of Project Runway online and got tickled when one of the (male) designers was really excited about "a corset and sparkle panties!" I'm reading The Lost Symbol but it hasn't grabbed me yet. The low tonight is 34 degrees and I am seeing if I can get through the weekend without turning on the heat. I just seems wrong to turn the heat on this early in Nashville. I try to hold out until November. I also tend to do a lot of baking to warm up the apartment. (Sneaky!) Muffins anyone?

Hopefully I'll get back into this blogging thing, but for right now I can't make any promises. There's a lot of evaluation going on in my life and it tends to be time consuming. Be good my little cupcakes!

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